Anybody work in finance?? I need some advice

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    I would not want H F C

    on my credit report as a credit/ other credit/ers

    there has got to be a better way..

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    That video has actually made its way into the Google Videos collection...

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    Thanks for finding the link. Windows media player had a glitch in this computer, so I couldnt see the video, but I was able to listen to the audio. I will be going to Dayton next week and I will have daily access to Mom's computer, I will see if Darin can get the video to play.



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    I would only cash it if you have no intention of paying it back. Take the free money. But if your going to do that then don't pay your credit cards with them. I would just stop answering the phone and let your cards charge off if you are really in bad shape. Ofcourse I live in Texas where no one can garnish your wages or will even bother suing you unless it's AMEX.

    Sounds very predatory, they buy your CC info from credit card companies. Grab a card application and look at the fine print. The Check Scam people got your info from the CC company because you are behind. They know people getting hounded by bill collectors are likely to cash a 3k check.

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    What ever happened to the "100% hetero cowboy"?

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    He comes and goes...

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    How wonderful. Bi-visitation.

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    Band on the Run

    There is so much aggregation of data with sophisticated algorithms today. They can have a darn good guess at your income from your address, city, magazine subscriptions. I am a lawyer and can't give legal advice. As someone mentioned, the interest rate is prob. usury or above usury levels. You can get a better rate by competitive companies that are readily available through the Internet. A local bank is the best way to go. These finances companies have a notorious reputation.

    I am receiving similar offers in the mail. Some of the offers are from subsidiaries of respected banks. It is shredding material. Treat it as a hot potato. Normally, if you are late by the smallest fraction, the interest rate will zoom. They will arrange transactions with them so you have no notice or reminder of when the payment is due. Pay day loans are similar. Personally, I just want to cry when I see these financial packages offered to poor people. They have no savvy, no sense of negotiation, and no idea of what is fraudulent. There are very few circumstances under which I would ever use such a loan. Imminent loss of life sums it up -- only if the cash could ever save someone's life would I sign.

    With the economy in the shape it is in, most lawyers will do free consultations for 45 minutes as a way to drum up business. Check with a local lawyer who does a range of routine matters.

  • Snoozy

    Have you inquired if your bank has overdraft protection? If you have a current and in good standing checking account they often give you a $2,500. line of credit on your checking may ask about that. If not I would surely go for credit counseling as someone suggested. My son is going through hard times also and that is my recomendation to him.

    They can give you instructions on how to deal with the people you owe and often can work out arrangements to lower interest on your loans and possibly cut the amount you's worth a look up.

    Good luck!


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