Info about "Knocking " at Michigan State ( again )

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  • Tigerman

    I'm going to give this another try.

    I was assured by the East Lansing Film Festival people( where " Knocking" was shown on Mar.24 ) that my flyers opposing JW's that read, " Jehovah Witnesse's a Cult ? Read, ' In The Truth' by Paul McCool ' then info from the back of the book about JW's actual news tragedy's . . .Bethany Hughes, Christian Lango, Robert Bryant etc. would be passed out prior to the screening of "Knocking". Well, it didn't happen. Susan Woods, the boss of the festival assured me a couple weeks ago that the flyers would be passed out and that, in fact, they would present a counterpoint to the movie. Her reason why they were not distributed? The " board " had decided against it. This shows how much sway the maker's of these films have over the festival's that are hosting them ( and besides, Mr. Engardio, the film's director, went to Michigan State ) When she told me that I was like, SO WHAT!

    The lesson here is that if any of you plan to fight this film, don't expect help from the festival's that are hosting them, no matter what they tell you. This little venture not only failed but I lost about $150.00.

    To Susan Wood's credit, she was apologetic and promised to return the $25.00 I gave her to give to a student to pass out the flyers as well as any flyers she can find.



    Hmmm, acadamicians protecting other academicians? Interesting! I thought that the campuses of higher education were the places that opposing thought was welcomed & encouraged. Guess not!

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