All you armchair dream interpreters out there

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  • target


    In dreams, we often use children as aspects of ourselves. What part of you does he picture? The wolf is a symbol of a fear you have and apparently that fear threatens that child aspect of you.

    The "friends" are now bloated snakes =JWs.

    The dream is showing the progress of your life and the fact that you have a fear you still need to deal with.

    You must remember that we dream in symbols. You get your emotions involved and start taking it literally. That is why it is hard to understand our own dreams.


  • jgnat

    There's the primal desire to protect and nurture our children.

    Along with that, a woman gives up a bit of herself. It's a terrifying prospect, and deep down she wonders if she will ever be her "own" again.

    Children demand so much. Yet the rewards, so great. There's nothing so wonderful as an adult son turning to his mother saying, "I love you, you have always been there for me." except for a snotty grandchild hug, "I wov you gramma."

    I left the language in third person, because these feelings hit very close to home for every woman, I think. Go set aside a room that is exclusively your own. Every woman needs that.

  • Brigid


    Yes, there is much wisdom in what you say. I'm not sure about the JW's being dead snakes--although it could be in that they were a stifling of my spiritual birthright that I overcame.

    Jgnat--yes, a room of my own. I'm fixing an art studio for myself.

    Lots of turmoil in my life right now.

    Thanks for all the input.


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