Huge snake in Australia

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  • lostlantern

    This is creepy, I am glad that our snakes in Missouri don't get this big. This thing could eat a child.

    Electric Fence.... 2 photos An Australian sheep farmer was puzzled at the disappearance of sheep on his farm.
    After a few weeks of sheep disappearing the farmer decided to put up an electric fence. This is what he found!

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    OMG! What is that?!!? No WONDER his sheep were disappearing.

    (reminds self to NOT attend any apostafests in Oz where there's sheep OR snakes)

  • luna2

    Yikes! What the heck kind of snake is that? I don't get Discovery channel or Animal Planet these days so I can't watch that Steve Irwin guy wrassle these critters any more.

  • Scully

    mmmm barbeque'd snake.

  • misspeaches

    that be nuffin!

    At my old work we had pictures on file of a snake that ate a kangaroo.... it showed all the different stages of it swallowing the roo whole until finally you could see the outline of the roo inside the snake.

  • Spectre

    Krikey, Mate!!!

    Looks like an African Rock Python to me.

  • unique2u

    Looks like a Burmese Python to me.

    It has/had the same type of markings that my burmese had (he wasn't nearly as big) -

    Never ate a sheep, only jumbo rats.

  • Spectre

    One of the reasons that I would want to go to Australia is to see their snakes, especially the venomous ones.

    Maybe say hi to misspeaches while I'm there as well.

  • misspeaches

    Oh cool! yeah come say hi to me while your here... OR ELSE!

  • unclebruce

    Sheep might be an exageration but it would certainly take lambs. The best thing about snakes is that they keep mice and rats under control. On some parts of the coast the National Parks and Wildlife Service is reintroducing red belly black snakes for the importyant role they play in maintaining a balanced environment.

    The biggest snake recorded was one trapped and shot in the Bolivian Jungle by an American pistol champion Lee Ecolls (I have the book somewhere. It was 32 ft long and as big arround the middle as a 200Lt (44gallon Aust/ 50 gal American) Drum. It would occationally drag a cow into mits lair.

    One day a friend witnessed a 3 metre long lace monitor struggling with a 3 metre python in her rainforest creek. The goanna was a huge powerful beast but the Python won.

    I have photos of a big lace monitor unexpectedly sneaking right up to my face while I was eating outside. I'll post them once I get my scanner fixed.

    A lace monitor (big goanna)


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