Vegas Trip!!!!!!(pics)

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  • whyamihere

    Well I am back from the Sin City. However, to me I feel closer to GOD when I am in Vegas. Anyway, I went with my good friend Danielle for 5 days and 4 nights. All we did was sleep in, go shopping, take naps, and party and gamble till the early morning. It was a total "Sausage Fest" as we call it which means lots and lots of men. Not that I mind but it gets a little annoying hearing the the shouts of "You're Hot" or "Marry Me". I wish I knew Spanish because I would know what some guys said. It even got to the point some guys would groan as you walked by. What's a girl to do?

    Overall, I would do it again. However I would take a guy with me(brother, husband etc...) The only thing I hated about the trip were the annoying guys. I was attacked by one guy to a point I almost had to call security. Guys just don't take "No, I am married" for an answer. He was really rude by grabbing me and making out with my neck. I had to push him away and run. That was a little scary.

    I want to do it again next year, but with a big group.

    These are the jogging pants I wore on the plane to Vegas.......

    The view from our room.......

    Our luggage........

    1st night.....

    They let me sit on their Motorcycle(so funny)

    Fish tank in Caesars Palace....

    Ferrari Panties

    Lunch at Cheesecake Factory.....I love the Tiramisu Cheesecake


    The 2nd night....(got very drunk)

    Getting even more drunk.......

    Can't stand up....

    Ahhhh the boys.......Where the hell did I get Cigs? I don't remember smoking......

    Drinking more(I am a lush)

    More drunk pics......

    That's me in the Elevator....(lol)

    3rd Day.......

    Naughty Librarian look.......(shopping)

    This Lady helped us find Dirty

    Night life........

    Our waiter......

    Little bit drunk.....

    4th Day.......

    This guy helped us out....I had a blond moment were I could figure out how to break a 50 dollar bill. I asked for 2 20's a 10 and 10 ones....Danielle laughed at me and then gave the guy 2 dollar coins and asked for 2 single dollar bills....he then said Honey..that's a 50 cent piece.....WOW Are we that dumb?

    Like my new Tattoo?

    Dirty old man who wanted to take a picture with me...........

    Saying goodbye to Vegas.....

    Love Brooke

  • freedomlover

    I feel like I just got drunk dialed......

  • ballistic

    Looks like you had a great time Brooke! LOL @ some of the 'drunk' pictures.

  • Mastodon

    Nice pics... nice thong too >:) Apparently you had a moderately amount of fun

  • daystar

    Damn mami!!

  • JH

    I love the pictures Brooke.

    You look like a super model.

  • stillajwexelder

    awesome Brooke -gald you had a great time -give the guys a break they are only doing what is natural you are such an awesome cute hottie

  • Jourles

    O...M...G. Some of those pics were hilarious. The Cops! LOL

    You look like a totally different person when you switch to "librarian" mode. The bus ride pic out of there didn't even look like you. I thought Danielle was getting her picture taken with some other gal.(looking like a model in that one, must be the shades)

    Oh, and nice pair of Barry Gibb pantalones!

  • xjwms





  • schne_belly

    Brooke...Glad you had a rockin' good time!

    Thanks for sharing the pics with us!

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