The Watchtower Society better put IKEA in its place

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  • Jourles

    The nerve of IKEA. The world's largest furniture retailer seems to have fired a salvo across the WTS's bow. The reason? Just read this quote:

    Known for its inexpensive self-assembly furniture, the family-owned business claims its hefty catalog is the most widely read publication after the Bible.

    Uh oh! I'm sure the WTS won't take too kindly to one of Satan's commercial enterprises assuming the position of having the "most widely read publication after the Bible." We all know how the WTS like to brag about its numbers. Maybe someone should inform them of this travesty. Afterall, the Watchtower magazine is distributed throughout 220+ countries. Take that IKEA!

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  • MidwichCuckoo

    Lol Joules - Watchtower may be DISTRIBUTED but Ikea's boast is that their catalogue is -

    most widely read publication
  • Jourles

    Oh yeah, you're right. The most widely read publication. Well, IKEA has probably got 'em there.

  • Scully

    And IKEA's furniture is much more aesthetically appealling than anything the WTS puts out.

  • ozziepost

    I reckon some of it looks like junk!

    Ozzie (grumpy old men class)

  • Clam

    LOL Midwich. Well spotted.

  • luna2
    I reckon some of it looks like junk!

    LMAO, Ozzie! You sound like my father. Should have seen his face when my son told him he'd been down to the IKEA store here in CT and bought some of their stuff.

    Didn't the WTS always say that the Truth book held some sort of Guinness World Record for something?

  • kid-A

    The question is,

    which one makes better toilet reading???

  • Odrade

    I DO read my IKEA catalog more than my bible! Imagine that!

  • ButtLight
    which one makes better toilet reading???

    Or better toilet paper!

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