Help needed: Scans or links about WT-connections to religious cooperation

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  • Klaus Vollmer
    Klaus Vollmer

    Hello, a friend is going to leave the Dubs.

    we need some information about the cooperation of the WTS in Cesnur and in other religious matters. I remember a copy where at a morman meeting a delegate from Brooklyn held a talk with phot on it.

    do you have scans or links?

    We want to inform the BoE of his cong.

    thanks in advance


  • Legolas

    Something you need might be in one of these...

    Alain Garay---------------The Bulgarian Jehovah's Witnesses and the European Courts of Human Rights Carolyn R. Wah--------Watchtower Attorney, Patterson New Jersey James N. Pellechia---Watchtower Society, Brooklyn, New York and Gajus Glockentin Watchtower Society Germany These Watchtower representatives were scheduled to share the platform for Human Rights with their bedfellows. Other religious organizations that were to share the plat- form with these Watchtower reps include: Mormons Ramtha's School Of Ancient Wisdom Transylvania Society Of Dracula Unification Church Main Lawyer Inside page of "Cesnur's 12th International Conference brochure listing the Watchtower reps: Page was very hard to scan: Outside cover of brochure: Website of Ramtha's School Of Ancient Wisdom Unification Church home page Transylvania Society Of Dracula home page When "Comments From The Friends" exposed the Watchtower for their scheduled participation in this event, the Watchtower reps canceled their appearance. Then "Cesnur" became angry and sent "Comments From The Friends" a nasty letter threatening legal action. Cesnur's complaint was concerning the "labels" that were used by "Comments From The Friends," The Transylvania Society of Dracula did not like being "labeled" a vampire sect, the Unification Church rep did not like being "labeled" a New Ager. So "Comments From The Friends" was accused of misrepresentation because of its terminology and an apology was demanded. Letter: Letter can also be found here: For the same documents that are easier to see go to "Comments From The Friends"--look to the left of your screen---scroll down on the subjects provided and click on "Dracula"--go here: And who was present at the 11th International Conference rubbing shoulders? Also found here by scrolling down: Also, Jehovah's Witnesses were listed with FIREPHIM "Surprising (not!) to see the WTS in an "association" (their word) with Scientology, Moonies, Mormons, Wica, etc, etc. Original posting: Also, Jehovah's Witnesses and Watchtower were listed as "participants" with NICA or the "National InterFaith Coalition for the Aging." The National Interfaith Coalition on Aging (NICA) provides practical guidance in addressing the central role spirituality plays in the lives of senior adults. NICA home page: Also found here by scrolling down to group names that start with the letter (J). Groups names starting with the letter (W). Both Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower Society are listed on this page as "participants," taking part in surveys. Scroll down to group names that start with the letter (J) and the letter (W). One would certainly see the hypocrisy in this quote from the "Awake/1975/11/22/ page-23, which states: "No religious organization other than Jehovah’s witnesses is declaring God’s name and witnessing about his established heavenly kingdom. Hence, even on this basis Jehovah’s witnesses have nothing in common with other religious groups and can never seek any affiliation with them. These organizations simply do not stand for the same things for which Jehovah’s witnesses stand." And what does the Watchtower say about "InterFaith" associations? Watchtower/1952/Feb/1st/p.69/


    1. "In unquestionable terms it testifies that Jehovah God has been (AGAINST) interfaith from beginning to end."2. "In the ten plagues that followed, Jehovah showed that he (OPPOSED) the gods of the Egyptians and would tolerate (NO INTERFAITH) movement involving his people and false religions." 3. "Many centuries later Jehovah demonstrated in a spectacular way that he (STILL OPPOSED) the idea of interfaith."

    4. " Interfaith compacts with false worshipers (WERE OUTLAWED) by Jehovah."

    5. "There is no neutral ground, one is either for or against. No loose bonds of (INTERFAITH) can draw the two sides together."6. "Such (INTERFAITH-FENCE-STRADDLERS) are neither hot nor cold for Jehovah's worship."7. "Christ Jesus in unmistakable terms showed that he wanted (NO INTERFAITH) movement with the clergy of his day."


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