Thanks JWD! (One year ago today ...)

by ithinkisee 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • freedomlover

    Wow babe - a whole year already?!

    I owe thanks to everyone on here also. Thank you for supporting my husband when I didn't know how. thank you for helping him help me. Thank you for helping me when it seemed like my world was going to end.

    what a difference a year does make. I love my life more so than I ever have. My marriage is better than it ever has been. We have started our lives without veils and with freedom to truly be honest and open.

    I suppose there is hope out there for others huh?

    thanks everyone.

    I love you honey (itis) ;)

  • EAGLE-1

    LOOK its a flyby


  • IP_SEC

    Grats on your 1st JWD birthday. Time flies eh man?

    You and FL are a great asset here.

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