1975 Article: The Mental Health of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Farkel

    :Does anybody know of any other studies done on the topic of Jehovah's Witnesses and mental health? I bet it would be hard to find willing participants. There were studies done of dubs in prisons during or around WWII. Jerry Bergman has written about this. You can find his research on the Net, but it is controversial. Dub leaders like to say there are NO dubs in prison, and they are (technically) right. As soon as a dub is sentenced to prison, he/she is DFd. Therefore he/she is No Longer a dub! hahahahahahahahahahaha! One only need to be raised in the religion as I was to notice that there are so many wackos in that religion that calling them merely "mentally ill" is a supreme compliment to them. And I was in the religion before so many of them started taking the myriad of "prescription" drugs they do now. ("God" approves "prescription drugs", but does not approve "non prescription" drugs. God, apparantly is a True Blue American and trusts the FDA more than himself.) This is not rocket science, you know. Dubs are wacko. Farkel, the non-scientist Scientist

  • hallelujah

    Hi MsMcDucket

    I know that I brought problems with me when I first encountered "the meetings" but things got really much worse as "the meetings" went on. And on.

    I also saw that some witnesses are worse than depressed but actually believe they are demon possessed. This I believe is brought about by belief in demons, satan, YHWH.

    I understand completely that you no longer believe in "the bible". Neither do I. I recommend Joseph Wheler "Is it God's Word", from 1926 (I'm trying to find the weblink where you can get the ebook free). I'm sorry that he was a southerner with a view that the "Aryan" race was the noble race, but he still does a brilliant demolition of the bible and it will be useful information for you to have when talking to your daughters. After having done a little research, below are my thoughts on YHWH.

    The actions scripturally attributed to this YHWH elohim are indeed satanic.
    YHWH elohim and Satan appear to be one and the same in several verses in La
    Biblia, and in other parts of the Bible they keep each others company, such
    as in the Book of Job. While most of the actions attributed by the Bible to
    YHWH (apart from creation which is alternatively credited to Elohim or to
    YY) are indeed satanic and evil, nevertheless both Satan and YHWH gods are
    figments of the imagination, a very sick imagination.

    The true YHWH elohim of the bible reveal themselves in the book of Judges
    Chapter 11. There Jephthah promises YHWH that if he is given victory over
    the children of Ammon he will certainly make a human sacrifice to YHWH out
    of his own household. YHWH being a figment of Jephthah’s own imagination,
    does not respond, not even in his imagination. Jephthah gains victory over
    the children of Ammon and superstitiously gives YHWH credit. YHWH being but
    a conception of Jephthah’s own mind, does not respond. Jephthah hopes for
    some form of intervention and sends his daughter away for two months to
    grieve. However, unlike the story of Abraham, where the writer of Genesis
    gave his YHWH some compassion, and had him call down upon Abraham not to
    sacrifice Isaac, the YHWH of Jephthah’s imagination was silent, mute and
    compassionless. (I am not talking about some real God here, but the
    charectaristics of the YHWH of Jephthah’s imagination). And Jephthah
    sacrificed his daughter.

    YHWH and Satan do not exist except that we give them existence in our own
    imaginations. This is the real YHWH unmasked.

  • John Doe
    John Doe


    I don't know about other studies, but here is an article on the issue.

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