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  • cosmic


    Highly astute. What are the sources of "conflict between the inhabitants"? And what necessary changes would have to be made to remove those sources?

  • kid-A

    Heaven is a psychological construct fabricated in the minds of humans incapable of accepting the reality of their mortal, ephemeral existences.

    A vestigial remnant of infantile insecurity fueled by the rejection of the truth: we are born, we live, we die. End of story. If you want heaven, you have the ability to create

    it in your own real, physical, biological life. Alternatively, you can waste your life worshipping a tribal deity dreamed up by wandering nomads in the desert 6000 years ago

    and find comfort in the delusion that when your heart stops beating, the electrical activity in your cortex fades out, you will somehow be magically transported to the clouds

    to strum on a harp and flitter about on strapped on wings......

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