God's Name... and Christ's

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  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    Thus, true pronunication of the name of the name four letters is YahVeh..

    Nah - can't go with that - feels like I'm about to break into some sergeant Shultz

  • gumby

    Hiya A Paduan...just wanted to say hi buddy.

    out to dinner and the theater with friends, dear GumBall (and may you have peace!). Just got in, checkin' to see what's shakin' before I turn out the lights. Will respond to all tomorrow

    Shelby......"tomorrow" is 'just around the corner'(tm) my dear one. You better get yer arse on the stick and answer narkster cuz I'm REAL curious as to you response to him. No goin to sleep tonight untill you answer him..... or I'm findin me one-a-those cute little Asian slaves who'll not only teach you stuff.....they'll give ya a back massage AND rub your feet.


  • Clam

    If it can be confirmed that "Jehovah™" is erroneous, then this should be New Light™, and a new name be given to the Dubs, e.g. Yoda’s Witnesses™

    Like most tired brands they could do with a makeover.

  • gumby

    All I really wanna know is......how the hell do ya get those little (tm) thingys like you guys do? Unc told me once and I forgot already

    Gumby....who has a feeling ol' Shelby is madly looking through re-search books fer some answers

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