Why Watchtower Must Sell More Properties in 2006-2009

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  • wanda

    The various corporations of the Watchtower Society are still, in one way if not another, under control of the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society.

    Now by selling off the physical properties the Watchtower Society's Governing Body can eliminate those assets possibly being taken and sold by the courts in the event that Canadian Lawrence Hughes and other plaintiffs get at either those Watchtower assets or those acting for that Governing Body such as the two attorneys he is suing in the wake of his daughter Bethany's death.

    Further, they continue losing members in Western nations and this at least in the short term until more members died who have willed them monies and properties, translates into a steady loss of money.

    Also, although it is a fact that they are still raking in money, the foregoing dangers to said moneys, and the fact that much of their money is tied up in massive amounts of unliquidated joint assets, i.e. properties such as farms in various states and nations and buildings such as in New York and other lands, is in the short term problematic for them.

    Therefore we see them scurrying to see off some of their buildings in New York City or Brooklyn, and also farm properties, etc.

    Maybe seven years ago I noticed things such as their

    beginning to use cheaper artificial flowers on convention stages rather than real flowers, publishing a tiny calendar rather than a fuller sized one, switching from hardback books to cheaper softbacks, their decreasing publications more recently, dropping lunches served at conventions........

    the signs are clear

    having a pro-pedophiles Governing Body sending so-called "repentent" pedophiles out door to door, a Governing Body member who was himself alleged a pedophile by Pat Garza, the embarassment of having been an NGO of the UN 10 years till caught and publicised and then having to lie it had been to "just get a UN library card to research the UN's library", etc, has caused a decrease in

    money the old harloting Governing Body used to get leading to their sales now of farm and building properties.

    Most who converted to JWs did so while Babyboomers who had been born in 1946-1956. They will begin dying mostly when about age 70-80 namely in about 15 to 25 years from now, i.e. 2020-2030. Only then can the Watchtower or what's left of it at that time beginning getting their hands on a whole lot more liquid cash. For now they must sell assets, and all the more so as more members discover about the pedophile and UN scandals etc.

    Therefore, all said, I believe the Watchtower Society will be selling even more of its properties and in particular in the next 2-3 years. The money is needed and wanted, and it's needed and wanted ... as fast as possible.

  • mkr32208

    If my kid had died from having refused blood I would have eliminated every gb member already...

  • jwfacts

    The Aust branch has $6 million in short term investments (one third of annual revenue), so they seem to be keeping prepared to be able to come up with money if needed.

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