Actual Dinosaur Flesh Discovered, Creationists Rejoice

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  • nicolaou


    If a thousand pieces of evidence appear to point to one conclusion should that be ignored when a new single piece of evidence seems to point the other way? It's interesting and it needs more research but it doesn't prove that accepted understanding is incorrect.

    I'm no expert in the field and I guess you aren't either but I know a strained explanation when I hear one.


  • Mary
    Greendawn said: This soft tissue in the dino means it died some hundreds of thousands of years ago rather than tens of millions.

    Yes, but since neither scenario fits in with the biblical version of animals being created only 7,000 years ago, then the point is moot. I believe in God, but I also can't ignore the physical evidence that man and animals have been around on this planet for a lot longer than what the bible says.

    This was in the article: "...No one is saying yet that the DNA of a dinosaur could be reconstructed, as it was in the fictional "Jurassic Park" movies. DNA molecules are made up of long chains that degrade over time. Under the best circumstances, it's hard for DNA to survive thousands of years, let alone millions...."

    I find this very unnerving and I wonder if scientists are indeed, crazy enough to try and clone a T-Rex if they had the proper tools.....

  • mkr32208

    How cool would that be! A real life t-rex running around!

    I'm all for it myself!!!!

    Stem Cell this baby!

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