what are JW doing about the cover-up of child abuse?

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  • koko1

    I know that paedophiles, child abusers was rampant within the JW. I too know of a brother that was a molester and it was covered up. He is now disfellowshipped, but only after the whole cover-up issues came to light and was publicised. What I want to know is what is being done about it now and what changes JW made in regards to these criminals and who made the decision (within the organization) not to out these criminals straight away.

  • Elsewhere
  • Elsewhere

    Carefully read over my last post above. I is a thoroughly researched paper on every detail and aspect of everything the WTS is doing to fix the child abuse problem.

  • blondie

    First, report any abuse yourself, even if it happened some time ago...you can be sure that the pedophile is still molesting unless they are dead.

    This attorney's office has been coordinating WTS sexual abuse issues


    Check out these organizations:




    The important thing is to change the reporting laws so that all 50 states in the US (and equivalent in other countries) require everyone to report abuse or be charged criminally, including all clergy at all times. Also to increase the time regarding the laws about statute of limitations regarding reporting.

    Some, not many, individual JWs are doing something, many ex-JWs are doing a lot, and many non-JWs are doing very much, setting precedents legally that other religious groups can coattail on.

    As to the WT Society........they are covering it up...........


  • koko1

    Yes well I'm in Australia and the police know, but the people were effected do not want to press charges. I'm discusted that this person is still roaming the street and like you agree that he will offend again. Really, they're doing nothing. I was told that they now disfellowship these criminals straight away and have to report them to the police.

  • blondie

    In the US, people who suspect abuse can still call it in and the authorities will investigate it. What about Australia? It can be confidential in the US too. You never know who else has called in on this individual.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Elsewhere's first post above sums it up quite well.

    Some points to know:

    • The WTS has a rule that a JW/victim should not take their "brother" to court. They should forgive the transgressor esecially if he is repentant.
    • Cases of abuse should be taken to the elders first. The elders will call Bethel lawyers first before they take any action. The elders will have their own little "trial"/judicial committee to determine whether the abuse occurred and whether the accused is sorry.
    • If the accused admits the abuse they MIGHT take action if he sounds repentant and the victim will be "encouraged" to forgive him.
    • If the accused does not admit the abuse the victim is supposed to have 2 eye-witnesses to the abuse Since this is next to impossible the case will be dropped and the victim will be warned to not tell anyone within or outside of the cong about the abuse.
    • Talking within the cong about the abuse will be considered slander and gossip so the victim and others who know must never tell anyone within the cong about the abuse or risk being DFed.
    • The real world outside the JW community must never know the problems within the cong. They must at all times appear "spotless" and maintain a clean reputation.
    • No announcement will ever be made within the cong to warn JWs that there is a pedophile within their midst.
    • Since average JWs have no way of finding out about the abuse they naturally can't do anything about it.
    • JWs are told that sexual abuse rarely occurs within the cong. They are also told that the WTS has a policy to deal with pedophiles although they have little idea how it works.
  • plpvts

    Hello , Is it still the way they handle those cases ? A brother I know asked one of his elders who answered him they'd go to the police, whatever ; actually I think the elder didn't know the answer or lied so I asked the brother to ask another elder ; but when I go to the silentlambs website it seems that the latest news are from 2004, so I was wondering if they changed their policy recently . if anyone knows , thank you Patrick

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    As far as I know the WTS' policy is to call Bethel before doing anything else.

    While some elders may advice the victim or the family of the option to go to the police, as far as I know that is rarely done. If they can hide the abuse, they will.

    A couple of cases that I know of in the last couple of years simply moved the abuser to another congregation and away from the victim.

  • free2beme

    Honestly, from what I have seen, it was a big deal a couple of years back, when the whole silentlambs thing started and the Dateline thing happened. Since then, I have not seen anything major happening in the media or with the Witnesses. Compare it to the Catholics, theirs was a huge scandel and it has all but become a small mention in news programs and mainly when related to settlements in court. The Witnesses are a cult, mainstream media sees them as this, and so does a lot of other people. So nothing really shocks them, with information like this coming out. They feel sorry for the children, year round, without even knowing about this.

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