Sex in 1914

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  • metatron

    As a loyal Witness, my dear departed mother sincerely believed in the "worse and worse" mantra. Somehow, despite the history

    of U.S. warfare, slaughter of native Americans, dominance of urban gangs and lynching of blacks - the world was somehow better

    when she was young ( or perhaps, too young to know any better). When I pointed out this violent past, she usually fell back on the

    notion that people were "more moral" in times past, especially before 1914. Realizing that she was excluding bloodshed in the definition

    of "moral", I then wondered why diseases like syphilis threatened the human race, if everybody was so "moral".

    Anyway, this recent item caught my interest ( dedicated to the memory of my "worse and worse" ranting mother).

    Taken from the book "The Passion Prescription" by Laura Berman pg. 25

    " Sex toys have an interesting past but probably not in the way you would expect. Originally developed in the 1880's to treat hysteria,

    vibrators were not considered sexual devices until the 1920's when they began appearing in the first erotic films. ... Hysteria was thought

    to result from a disturbance of the uterus....Not surprizingly, the commonly prescribed treatment was massage of the female genitalia

    to produce paroxysm, which is defined as a spasm or convulsion. Until the 1880's, physicians used their fingers to bring female patients

    to paroxysm. The vibrator was invented to help speed along the process and relieve the physicians' tired hands."

    I remember hearing about this on the History Channel. When your grandma got horny, she went to the doc and had him 'get her off',

    thereby relieving her "hysteria".

    You know, it's a wonder we haven't had some faithful sisters try to bring back this ancient medical wisdom. I wonder if Pastor

    Russell knew about any of this stuff?

    Thanks anyway, mom - you did the best you could.


  • tetrapod.sapien
    Thanks anyway, mom - you did the best you could.

    trippy man. that's really freaking trippy. whoa....


  • Elsewhere

    Hot damn! I'm going into the Anti-hysteria Paroxysm business!

  • luna2

    Ooookay...that's unreal. Things were sure interesting back in the day. Cocaine was legal, people sniffed ether to get high and women made appointments with their doctors to have orgasms.

    Elsewhere, be sure to stock up on vibrators. You wouldn't want to develop tired hands.

  • NameWithheld

    Sounds like someone just watched Boston Legal! ;)

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Yeah right.

  • AudeSapere

    I've seen reports on this before. From a few different sources.

    At first I didn't believe it and thought that it was just a joke. Then did just a little googling and found a whole bunch more details.

    Thanks for the reminder. I think it's time to schedule an appointment myself.



    I wonder how often women used to visit the dr.? I can see it now, "Honey, I have to go to the dr everyday for the next month! He says I'm really sick!" LOL!

  • zagor

    Yeah, they were so moral back then they didn't even know what sex was. Instead, they've called it sport.

  • rhian

    Quote by (I forgot who) re: Christianity:

    "God against Man, Man against God. God against Nature, Nature against God. Man against Nature, Nature against Man. Very strange religion."


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