Hi! I'm Elsewhere's cousin!

by Roxi 69 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mary

    Welcome to the board!!

  • damselfly

    Too cool! Welcome! Your cousin is a very bad influence on me.


  • Honesty

    Welcome to da bored, Roxi.

    Pssst.... the WACKTOWER calls us evil apostates but we're really a lot of fun to be around.

  • Elsewhere
    Too cool! Welcome! Your cousin is a very bad influence on me.

    *** Pinch ***

    Roxi, PennyCandy and I have stuck with a "Little Rascals / Our Gang" motif with the pictures we use. We'll have to find one for you!

    Take a look here and see if you like any: http://www.picking.com/og-bios.html

  • Atlantis

    Welcome Roxi!

    Keep an eye on Elsewhere, I mean Alfalfa, cause you know he is a little rascal!

    alt Butch and Alfalfa fighting.

  • cruzanheart

    Welcome, Roxi! Great to meet another member of Elsewhere's family -- he's been adopted by ours too. I hope you can make it to the crawfish boil!



  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi Roxie and welcome to the board.

    I hope you realise that Elsie is a very naughty boy and needs a jolly good spanking.



  • Clam

    Welcome Roxi !!!!!

    It's got me wondering what the Elsewhere family are like over there in Texas. Are you like the Ewings? If so is Elsewhere JR, Bobby or Jock?

  • Frog

    Hi there Roxi! It's lovely to have you here posting on this board :) Elsewhere is an institution in this place! I've chatted to Else through pm's and the like a few times and it certainly does sound like you guys have it really tough with all the jw fireballs you have in your family. It's super great that you guys at least have eachother...and of course, all of us here on JWD :)

    Well, thanks for the intro, and hope to see you around often. luv from frog x

  • Roxi

    Aha, "sense of humor" (jots in tiny notebook). Good to hear. And, I do recognize your icons as the international symbol for evil mind-control!

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