Signs of Spring

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  • poppers

    This morning I saw my first robin of spring - always a nice sight here in northern Wisconsin. There were also lots of newly arrived redwing blackbirds singing happily - after their winter absence the sounds of their calls was so refreshing to hear. One of my favorite signs of spring, believe it or not, is a faint scent of skunk smell in the air. I wonder why that is. What are some signs of spring in your area that you are happy to see again?

  • Robdar

    Ain't spring grand?

    faint scent of skunk smell in the air

    Are you sure that's an animal you're smelling? Maybe your neighbor is smoking a bigoldoobie and has the windows open to catch those spring breezes.

    Just a thought.

  • bikerchic

    I love spring it's my favorite season. I love watching the trees blossom and get their new leaves I swear they change so fast you could probably see them grow.

    The robins have been out here for about three weeks. Last week we had about 20 of them in our back yard digging for worms and grubs, I locked the cat in the garage!

    My daffodils are all in bloom, the tulips are budding, roses are bushing out, irises are popping up and basically the whole garden is in a stage of growth I love it! Grass needs mowing almost every week now, hubby loves that, LOL.

    Oh and the smells, very few fireplaces burning these days now it's been replaced with farmers burning old growth, phew! And yes I've smelled a skunk or two these past couple of weeks and can hear frogs croaking off in the distance.

    I've had to keep a tight grip on my dog's leash these past few mornings on our walks to keep him from chasing some critter out and about exploring the new season.

    Spring, yay, it's about time!

  • gumby

    Robyn.......your a card you are. My whole garage smells like a damn skunk....and, OldFlame said to say hi. He's over here playin my guitar and singing as we speak( not singin to me btw)

    We've had birds up the ying yang for about a month now. Yesterday or the day before(can't remember) , it was rainin like a bastard here.......and the little fella's were actin like they live in Oregon.....doing stuff in the rain regardless of the weather. I never saw them out like that in the rain. My wife did just put on some more bird feeders( for finches)...and boy was there a ton of them too.


  • Robdar

    Hey Gumby!

    *passes doob*

    Tell OldFlame that if he wants to tell me hi to call me and tell it to me his own dang self.



  • Dismembered

    Ah! signs of spring. I watch through my bedroom window the return of the songbirds @ several feeders we have. Right now we Cardinals, Golden Finches, Common Redpolls, and of course the ver hardy Chicadees


  • JH

    Yes, spring is here, and I'm happy.

    In 5 weeks all our snow will be melted

  • Dimples

    Everyone gets twitterpated


  • JamesThomas

    alt I love the call of red winged blackbirds, and heard my first this year a couple weeks ago.

    We raise canaries here, and the little bastards sing all year long which puts a little spring in every time of the year.

    Skunks are beautiful little creatures and frequent our place year around. They squabble with the possums to get at the remainder of the cat food.

    I have often awoke at night with skunks just outside my tipi door (which is kept open year around except when it rains). Funny thing when I shine a light at them, rather than scamper off, they want to come in. Go into the light. Go into the light. I have to tell them firmly not to come in, or i swear I'd find them curling up next to me and the damn cats which think the bed is theirs.

    I found a little possum sitting next to one of the cats on my bed one night, acting as if this was a normal thing.

    Skunks, cats and possums. Where are the Thai girls I keep praying for?


  • jstalin

    My favorite sign of spring: the motorcycles come out!

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