Why Publishers.

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  • vomit

    Why are Baptized and Unbaptized refered to as being Publishers?
    Since they neither publish,print or edit the magazines.

  • Wolfgirl

    Coz drones was already taken?

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover


    Maybe Freddy Franz wanted something that rhymed with "Rubbisher"


  • James Free
    James Free

    coz it sounded more modern than Colporters (from the French word "colporteurs," meaning those who carry from the neck). They are 'publishers of the Good News' though publishers is quite apt since 95% just give away magazines anyway.

    Pioneers is another strange word coz most of them work in towns that are weary from continuous visits.

  • luna2

    LOL I think its because of this:

    pub·lish [ púbblish ] ( past and past participle pub·lished , present participle pub·lish·ing , 3rd person present singular pub·lish·es )
    1. transitive and intransitive verb prepare and produce text or software: to prepare and produce material in printed or electronic form for distribution and, usually, sale
    2. transitive verb distribute work of author: to make the work of a particular author available in printed or other form
    3. transitive verb make something public knowledge: to announce something publicly

    Such a weird religion really...so very corporate in many ways.

  • Crumpet

    James Free - I'm goign to be laughing every tiem I remember this - hehe!

    Pioneers is another strange word coz most of them work in towns that are weary from continuous visits.
  • CaptainSchmideo
    coz it sounded more modern than Colporters

    And whenever a colporteur arrived at the door of a householder, the householder expected them to be able to sing "Night and Day","De-Lovely", and "Be a Clown" on their porch before they would take the magazines.

  • vomit

    In catholicism a pioneer is somebody that doesnt drink alcohol after their confermation.

  • wombat

    Great response Captain. I laughed out loud.

    Hey Vomit..You from UK or Australia?

  • blondie

    (Acts 13:4-5) . . .. 5 And when they got to be in Sal´a·mis they began publishing the word of God in the synagogues of the Jews. They had John also as an attendant.

    (Acts 13:38) 38 "Let it therefore be known to YOU, brothers, that through this One a forgiveness of sins is being published to YOU;

    (Acts 17:2-3) 2 So according to Paul’s custom he went inside to them, and for three sabbaths he reasoned with them from the Scriptures, 3 explaining and proving by references that it was necessary for the Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead, and [saying]: "This is the Christ, this Jesus whom I am publishing to YOU."

    (Acts 17:13) 13 But when the Jews from Thes·sa·lo·ni´ca learned that the word of God was published also in Be·roe´a by Paul, they came there also to incite and agitate the masses. . .

    (Acts 17:23) 23 For instance, while passing along and carefully observing YOUR objects of veneration I also found an altar on which had been inscribed ‘To an Unknown God.’ Therefore what YOU are unknowingly giving godly devotion to, this I am publishing to YOU. . .

    All NWT quotes

    Other translations use "proclaim" or "preach." I notice that the WTS is trying to use "proclaimers" more but old habits die hard. (Proclaimers book not Publishers book)

    I think they use the 3rd definition of "publish" mentioned above but "publish" has taken on a different meaning in the last 50 or more years.


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