Prince, is paying $70,000 a month to rent in hollywood.....and more

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  • james_woods

    Well, if he does get an eviction notice, I heard that both Neverland and Beth Sarim are available.

    He wouldn't have to worry about those demon smurfs at either one of those -


  • stealyourface

    Here is a paragraph from the review of the cd in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

    We knew what the song "1999" was all about. It's not clear what the significance of "3121" is. (I hear it's the address of his Los Angeles home.) The title song, which opens the disc, is a dense dance jam inviting you to a party: "U can come if U want to/But U can never leave." Sounds like shades of "Hotel California."

    I wonder if the Purple One has figgured it out, and is planning a fade?

  • Swan

    Sounds like it would be large enough to hold the Book Study in. If nothing else, it would be a great place for a car group to go for a poddy break.


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