was it gossip? or just exposing the truth?

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  • LivingInReality

    Remember all the talks from the platform that dealt with gossip or mumuring??

    In my old congregation....in just one year....one couple who was close to another couple and had been spending lots of quality time together decided to expand their horizons and partner swap !!! One spouse in each couple was an elder's kid !!! The ministerial servant's son was found to be dealing drugs....to other kids in the hall. One servant was having an affair with his sister-in-law. A pioneer was caught, by the FBI no less, for committing identity theft by using the identities of others in the congregation to get credit cards and cell phones, and was using the Kingdom Halls address to receive her mail and the elder she was having an affair with was retrieving the mail for her..... do you guys want me to go on....because I have some other doozies !!!!

    Now.....we were told.....NO GOSSIPING, NO MURMURING!! I realize why now..... if everyone in the hall knew what was going on...realized how corrupt and horny the elders really are wouldn't they start to lose the control over everyone's mindset that as Jehovah's people we are set apart from all the filthy practices that are out there in the world? Last estimates were...40,000 a year disfellowshipped on grounds of sexual immorality....hmmmmm. Do Kingdom Halls breed these repressed desires only for them to become the epitome of what we were supposed to condemn? I dare say yes. And my favorite part...we were all supposed to be like the gestapo and turn in people, becoming a policing agency to put our fellow brothers and sisters before the firing squad of the judicial committees. Out of paranoia it seems everyone wants to get everyone else caught to keep the eyes off of their own wrongdoing. Hey...they should give you 3 extra field service hours on your time card for every successful capture of an inappropriate blow job between pioneers. Now I know why they took so many coffee breaks!! Wow... the light does get brighter every year doesn't it?? LOL.

    Your thoughts..... and I would LOVE to hear other stories of your own experiences of our spirit appointed leaders' angelic behavior. Remember, they were are shining examples.

  • freedomlover

    Thank you for confirming the wife swapping story! I have known of this also and we've had "wife swapping threads" and there are so many people here who think that is made up! I'm not making this stuff up, so thanks for another confirmation story....

    sorry....don't want to turn this into ANOTHER wife swapping thread - just wanted to add my two cents.

  • EAGLE-1

    Like a laser beam in the eye.Elders would bitch at me about my hair or music while their kids would all be doing the usual sex drugs etc like they were blind to that.People in the cong. trusted me for some reason. I would hear lots of juicy details about folks at the hall.At circiut assemblies even more.For me I would say nothing.Just laugh to myself.

  • misspeaches

    LOL how do you know all this fabulous gossip!?!!?

    And by the way - sub point... Does it ever irk any of you that they have been saying there are 40,000 disphellowshipped a year for decades now. Come on... surely the number has got to be higher than that???

  • serendipity

    HI living in reality, welcome to the forum!

  • EAGLE-1

    I bet theres more.I wonder if they have more offenses too.Video games,software piracy,cell phone abuse,microwaving hamsters.......

  • LivingInReality

    misspeaches--- just like Eagle-1 I was one of the few who people trusted to come and bear there souls to, I sometimes think it is because they saw me as the one person who was "real" I was constantly being criticized for my manner of dress (I had a gothic flare), my choice of music, my choice of recreation (I enjoyed anything that made me happy, Lollapalooza or the Orchestra, an art gallery or gasp! an R rated film)....and I never kept what I did a secret or felt ashamed when I was questioned. Remember most people DON'T do those things because they think that they will suffer major ramifications....when really the elders can't do a damn thing, because it is not a hard core rule...it is only suggested that we don't do certain things....we just lived in so much fear it wasn't worth the chance. But we also saw what would happen to the people who chose to push the envelope, they were blacklisted, just like me...fine with me...I found most Witnesses to be so boring they were afraid to even engage in stimulating conversation for fear Jehovah's lightning bolt nailed them in the middle of the coffee house. It was like, "Okay..I get it, we don't vote, but we can still talk about current events and what is going on in the current administration..what do you think?"....and all you got were blank stares, you could sometimes see the blood rush from some people's faces as if they were waiting to see the skin melt off of my skull like some scene out of Indiana Jones. But amazing how behind the scenes....those same people would call me up secretly or get together with me at lunch and tell me everything.... they always wound up pulling me into judicial meetings as the "second witness" to what I knew, which I would refuse to partake in... I didn't want to be a kindergarten tattletale. God, they are so immature. To be truthful, in the almost 30 years of being a Witness, as an adult with all of the friends that I had, I doubt I could honestly say that a single one of them is truly happy....they just don't know anything else and are too afraid to leave the only world they know.

  • pratt1

    Living in Reality, many of these offenses sound as if they came out my old hall.

    Are you from the NYC area?

  • Dawn

    All I can say is if I knew partner-swapping was one of the fringe benefits of meetings I might have paid more attention!

  • theinfamousone

    i want to join that cong!!! sounds so much better than the gossip i heard in my hall... ha ha, wife swapping, damn, im down for that too

    the infamous one

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