Armageddon bunker in Brooklyn bridge?

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  • silentWatcher

    too funny ...


    NEW YORK (CNN) -- New York workers have discovered a trove of Cold War-era supplies within the masonry of the Brooklyn Bridge, a cache meant to aid in survival efforts in the event ... Jehovah God brought an end to this wicked system of things.

    okay, I WT-ed the quote; replace the contents after the ellipse with "of nuclear war." Of course, I'm sure this WAS NOT the Governing Body's bunker, since there was no miracle wheat or booze in the bunker. Curious for anyone "in the know", did /does Brooklyn have a bomb shelter for when the Big-A did start or did they "rely on jah for protection".


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    They were not in Brooklyn, but the Watchtower property known as "Beth Shan" ("House of Security," very near the more widely known "House of Princes" Beth Sarim) in San Diego California had a bombshelter hidden beneath a goat barn that was accessed via a secret sliding wall panel in a washroom.

    Also, the Watchtower property in South Langsing, New York was originally purchased with a view toward using it as a "place of security" for the Bethel family during the end of the world. The building was later re-dedicated as the location of Gilead School.

  • EAGLE-1

    Hope they use their bunker like hitler and kill themselves.

  • osmosis

    I know this sounds harsh, but EAGLE-1's post got me thinking.. maybe the real solution to the JW problem is for them to all go kill themselves.

    This probably wouldn't be so hard to accomplish, at least 1 JW-derived cult has committed mass suicide in recent history.

    We could use the same logic we use to get our kids to go to sleep early christmas eve.. tell them the sooner they kill themselves, the sooner they'll be in the new system.

  • TopHat

    Makes me wonder why they have all them underground tunnels at Patterson NY

  • JW_Researcher
    at least 1 JW-derived cult has committed mass suicide in recent history.

    Which cult and how "JW-derived"?

    Please and thank you.

  • EAGLE-1

    Was it Jim Jones and his clan?

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