Strange martyrdom: What are the cases where the Bible requires martyrdom?

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  • greendawn

    The early Christians were martyred because they refused to sacrifice a pinch of incense to the

    emperors as that would amount to worshipping another god the emperors thought they were gods and

    had their own temples and priests around the empire. Basically the early Christians wouldn't deny

    Christ even if they were to die for it.

    The need for blood is a problem induced in the JWs by disease or accident and very rarely by other

    humans (physical assault). In addition it is based on very dubious grounds and the JWs have a long

    history of erroneously intepreting the Bible even to the point where one doubts whether any of their

    own original interpretations at all are correct.

  • heathen

    The WTBTS confuses the issue of the Kosher laws in the mosaic law and what the apostle John said about denying yourself blood . It's clear he was talking about animal sacrifices and or blood puddings that the pagans ate after they did the animal sacrifices . Things were changing over from the mosaic law but not over night as far as the jews were concerned it was still something to enforce and persecute over . There is nothing in the bible to indicate that people should die over blood transfusions . As far as I'm concerned suicide is not martyrdom.

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