Diary of an Unborn Child - switch your rational mind off for ten minutes.

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  • kid-A

    This is garbage. Promoting the idea that a foetus is capable of abstract thought on any level is laughably absurd. It is an established fact that at this stage of development, neuronal connections,

    synaptic pruning, cortical interconnectivity has not even been established yet. No abstract thought is even remotely possible at this stage of development. This is just "emotional pornography".

    Greendawn, you call yourself an "anti-abortionist", I wonder, if your daughter got pregnant from a rape or incest, would you still have that attitude, or would you force her to keep the foetus, a product

    of rape?

  • LDH
    My hair is growing. It is smooth and bright and shiny. I wonder what kind of hair mom has?

    Well rest assured it isn't tight and curly and kinky. How F*$&ing stupid.

    Now I am on a mission to see who really wrote this, because we all know the WBTS loves to plagaraize material and then credit "Anonymous" or "By Awake! Correspondent in Timbuktu."


    Copyright Infringement Class

  • LDH

    Sorry for the crap ass music. Note, the author's name. I'll be in touch with *her* later today to discuss possible restitution for a poem that was illegally distributed to millions.

  • LDH

    nicluding one previously published by Heritage House by Michele DuVal. Aiello. This fictional personalized account of the very early life of an unborn ..

    From this Google link


    It looks like someone owes Heritage House some LOOT!

  • Scully

    I happen to disagree - this Diary of an Unborn Child is designed to elicit an emotional response, rather than a logical one. It presumes that a fetus or embryo is capable of thought. It attempts to make the reader think that it is viable and capable of surviving at the stage of gestation at which it is described, when it is not.

    Instead of assuming that the phrase "my mother killed me" refers to therapeutic abortion, what if it referred to a spontaneous abortion or a miscarriage? What if it referred to expelling a severely deformed or genetically non-viable pregnancy? What if it referred to a pregnancy that was the product of a rape or incest?

    You can judge me if you like. I have always - even as a JW - believed that a woman should retain the choice to carry a pregnancy or not, and not have the responsibility for a child forced on her by a belief system or by what other people think. Personally, I wouldn't choose an abortion - but that's me, and I don't have the right to influence or force anyone to make the same choice that I would make. I'm not living in anyone else's circumstances and I'm not in a position to change other people's circumstances so that they could provide for a child that they weren't ready to have - whether their readiness is lacking financially, emotionally or for any other reason.

    It's a tragic choice that some women make - I've helped friends who've decided to have an abortion - the last thing they need is to read the kind of tripe that the WTS published to make them feel guilty about doing what it is in their own (and to the best of their knowledge, the fetus') best interests.

  • Hellrider

    AnewMe, thank you.

    Anyway: I am surprised at how many JWs, once they are deprogrammed, take the exact opposite stance in all matters of values, morals and ethics. Once they aren`t dubs anymore, they just view everything that has to do with morals and ethics as metaphysical garbage. Personally, I don`t even believe in God, but I still believe in ethics: Something is right, and something is wrong. And then there are all these things that are somewhere inbetween. I believe abortion is one of those things "inbetween". Of course, it is the womans body, and she has rights. But on the other hand, the featus has rights to. It`s not just a "germ" or a "burger", it is the "seed of life", a tiny creature with enormous potential. It has "value in itself", in my opinion. The problem with ethical considerations, is that sometimes, individuals that both has ethical rights, crash. This is the case in all pregnancy-situations, in which the featus is unwanted. In my opinion, if the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest, or if there is a serious illness in the featus, or in the mother, of course, the mothers rights have to be emphasised more than the featus. In other cases, I think abortion is disgusting. (And yeah yeah, I know I`m a guy, and many "pro-choicers" see this issue as an issue only women has the right to have an opinion on. But I have been in this kind of situation myself, so I believe I have a right to speak, despite the fact that I have a penis).

    Abortion is, and always was, a question for ethical consideration. It`s not that easy, regardless of a pre-dubs new-found atheist views/freedom. It`s not necessary to "throw the baby out with the water", so to speak.

  • RunningMan

    "If that`s a persons view of a featus, they should immediately go and get sterilized."

    But then, what if someone writes an article personifying a sperm cell?

  • kid-A

    Remember Running Man, for the "anti-abortionist", EVERY sperm is sacred!!!!

  • Zuko

    Was that really in an Awake? I could have sworn that was a T.V. ad that the right to lifers made a few months ago and it got yanked because it offended so may people. Did you see it for yourself.

    No offence just asking


    I have a problem with women getting multiple abortions...everyone can understand a "mistake", but after that I think that person should be held accountable for their actions. (This doesn't include rape/incest situations)


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