Bring shame to religion

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  • osmosis

    I'm atheist where does that leave me. I have no mental soap with which to brainwash any children I may have down the road.

  • Undecided

    What is the real truth of the universe? No one knows for sure how it came into existance, or the real truth of life and it's origin. Religion is just another of man's ways of trying to explain it. It causes so much turmoil between societies though, I feel it should be eliminated from being forced on our children and causing so much hatred in later life between nations of different beliefs.

    I guess the problem will never be eliminated in my life time, so I'll just try to enjoy what peace and happiness I can find in my little part of life that's left.

    Ken P.

  • ajsmama

    I think that you can teach your child to be a good person without forcing your beliefs on them.

    Im an agnostic(I think) and the father of my older son is a Catholic. We discussed before he was even born how we would handle religon. He was not to be baptised because as I told his father "I wont choose his wife, his career, or his spiritual path for him" To me those things are incredibly personal. Being pretty well rounded (he has travled the world), he agreed. His dad talks to him a little about being a catholic, but always as this is what I believe, NOT this is what is. I think you can sum up my parenting with the golden rule"do onto others....", oh and both of us teach him life is short and to find joy in little things.

    Let me tell you my lil guy is amazing(not just mamma braging)He is respectful, he knows he is loved UNCONDITIONALY, he is open and loving, and even without religion he is deep"mamma, I like to listen to Enya cuz sad music makes my heart feel good"or "mamma sometimes I just dont know what to do with this life it is sooo beautiful!!!!" He is only 5!

    I dont know if a child raised in a repressive religious environment could let his heart be so open.

    Main point, our children are gifts NOT property, being a parent should be one of lifes most humbeling experiences, not a power play to control someone elses mind and push our own beliefs

  • Carmel

    As one who was and is turned off by the mind controlling of my childhood, I and my wife agreed to educate our kids to honor all belief systems, to encourage them to investigate whatever religions or lack thereof they chose. They grew up as tolerant openminded students often criticized for their acceptance of the minorities. Isn't it strange that those that are so convinced they have the "truth" are threathened by a fair and balanced education. Three of our children traveled extensively around the world in Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist countries and in supposedly Christian ones as well. They have an imperical education about other ways of thinking that is hard to capture by just reading the "holy" books.

    Your thesis is spot on but I doubt you will get a good reception outside the university setting. Too many people of "belief" are locked into an emotional attachment and to have that challenged is unsettling.


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