What did you dream of last night? Do you remember?

by JH 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    I dreamt that there was a hurricane, and the house was falling apart because of the strong winds.. I was afraid of losing my cat through the holes in the house, because the house was falling apart .

    Sounds more like a nightmare than a dream...

  • daystar

    Ooohh... I never remember my dreams. But I remember who I dreamt about last night... Heather Graham. And she was being very, very naughty...

  • MerryMagdalene

    I dreamed I was a passenger in a Volkswagon bus. My mother was driving. We were starting down a winding mountain road going too fast, slid on some ice and snow, and went over the edge of a very long, very steep drop. I yelled for everyone to jump out and grab onto a bush. I did first. My acupuncturist, who was also a passenger, jumped second. We were both clinging to bushes on the side of the mountain when I woke.

    Mine was more of a nightmare too, I guess


  • IP_SEC
    What did you dream of last night? Do you remember?

    Yes, I remember nearly all my dreams, but to save the whole board from embarassment I'll not recount them today.

  • John Doe
    John Doe


  • Celia
    I dreamt I was getting on a long trip, seeing my mother on the way out, saying goodbye, knowing it would be the last time I ever saw her.....

    I haven't called her yet to know if she's ok. but I will....

  • InquiryMan

    I dreamt I accidentally met my sister at a sport event, and she deliberately shunned me and I yelled You damn Jehovah’s witness to her.. (I guess this honestly is my subconsciesness showing me that I fear my family´s reaction when I am coming out as gay to them. It was bad enough for them that I left the elderhood and the truth....

  • lola28

    I don't remember and normally I do, but on Sat night I had a dream that I got cancer I have never had a dream like that and a few days ago I had a dream that I took off and went to canada.


  • damselfly

    I don't usually remember my dreams but last night I dreamt that I got punched in the mouth by a stranger and lost my bottom teeth. I hope it doesn't come true!


  • daystar


    I hope it doesn't come true!

    Ow! Me too!

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