JW's and Secular work?

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  • Honesty

    Why do they 'separate' their secular work from 'theocratic' activites?

    When I was in the WATCHTOWER LIE, I always wondered why the dubs make such a distinction in their daily activities. After I escaped and started making friends with worldlings who happened to be Christians I learned that they make no distinctions between what they do as a profession and their witnessing about Jesus to other people. I mean some of these guys who are self-employed as dentists, doctors, plumbers, truck drivers, etc. will actually take a few minutes and talk to the people they come in contact with about the Gospel. On several ocassions I worked with other brothers and they never mentioned anything about the WT 'truth' to people we came in contact with while we were out in public places. I did have the Sizemxxx brothers and three other JW elder brothers explain to me how evil Christendom is when I was driving by a church, saw them working on it, and stopped to say, "Hi." They acted a bit uncomfortable but as I was still 'new in the troof' I didn't realise that they were breaking WT rules by painting the new addition.

  • mrsjones5

    What I am learning at my church and by reading Christian books is all work (secular and nonsecular) gives glory to God. Which is different from what I was taught in the bOrg, that only the field service and things related to field service gives glory to God. A big difference I think.


  • Shazard

    I can't say for sure who was original author, but I loved words about witnessing. "Real Christian allways witnesses about Jesus and Gospel... if needed even with words"

  • snarf

    I never did understand why they even made an issue of it. I knew an elder who owned and worked his business that cleaned a strip club, and there were naked pics of girls plastered everywhere, but obviously this was no concern, but another couple I knew that had a cleaning business wouldn't clean a church. I would think church cleaning would've been better than the strip club thing....

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