Joke about a Mafia Boss

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  • Clam

    A mafia boss is told that his book keeper has secretly embezzled several million dollars from the firm. The boss is furious and is determined to speak to the book keeper himself. The boss is Sicilian and his Italian has become very rusty over the years. Also the book keeper is Neopolitan and his dialect is very difficult to pick up. The boss therefore decides to take along his lawyer, a fluent Neopolitan speaker. The pair burst into the book keeper’s office. The boss says, ”Ok Luigi, we know you’ve ripped us off, just tell me where the money is and I’ll let you live”. Luigi replies in Italian “Screw you, you fat asshole, I’ve worked for this crumby firm for 20 years and it’s what I’m due”.
    “What did he say?” asks the boss. The lawyer repeats Luigi’s words. The boss of course flies into a rage and pulls out his gun, sticking it in Luigi’s ear and demanding to know the whereabouts of the missing cash. “Ok Ok” says Luigi, “It’s buried in my back yard under the shed at 244 Washington Avenue" "What did he say" asks the boss,"If he doesnt tell me where the cash is so help me I'm gonna blow his brains out". The lawyer replies" He told you to screw yourself"

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  • wombat

    Clam...I've heard this before and I think that it is a really funny joke.

    Maybe it is too subtle for folk of a different heritage.

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