The Law (Old) Testament & The True Christian (New) Covenant - Part I(a)

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    (Trying again...)

    To the Household of God that is

    I am compelled this day to share with you the following truth, as it has been given to me and granted to me to share with you by the Truth, the Holy Spirit that is my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, Son and Christ of the Most Holy One of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose name is JAH… of Armies. As usual, I was given such truth a bit ago and failed in my duty to impart it forthwith (how easy it is to get caught up in the "mundane" things of this world!). I will delay no longer, however, and as servant to the Household of God that is , I share it with you now.

    There are many professed "christians" who make it their vocation to preach and teach adherence to the Law Covenant. Orating "thou shalts" and "thou shalt nots," these believe (and I acknowledge, some with good intention) that it is only by adherence to the "Old Testament," and the Ten Commandments in particular, that an individual can please God. This, however, is a false. In fact, an attempt to live by and adhere to Law Covenant is a nullification of one's profession of acceptance of the NEW Covenant.

    I understand that most don't understand this truth. but that is because they do not truly know and understand the details of and truth about both covenants, i.e., (1) the parties involved; (2) how they were mediated and why; (3) their respective requirements, consequences, and rewards; (4) their respective purposes; and (5) how each could be fulfilled. They understand the details and truth because many of those who deign to teach them don't know or understand either. And many of those who do use their knowledge and understanding to mislead, to gain followers of themselves, rather than followers of God and Christ.

    Now, my words regarding these matter are not "law;" I only share with you what I have received, and I openly share with you from whom I received it, the Holy One of Israel, my Lord and Master, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, Son and Christ of the Most Holy One of Israel, whose name is JAH of Armies. Before you style me a blasphemer, however, I ask that you consider the following details with regard to both covenants, starting with the Old Covenant (Testament). For the sake of your continued interest ("many words" can become quite boring, I know), I will discuss the New Covenant (Testament) under a separate post. Now, then:


    A. The Parties Involved

    The Law Covenant was an agreement entered into between God and the Nation of Israel, made up of the 12 sons of "Israel" (the man formerly known as Jacob, the son of Isaac who was the son of Abraham), and their descendants. God entered into this agreement NOT because the Israelites were a particularly special people on their own; indeed, it was entry into the covenant that made "special," made them a chosen race to be "a nation of kings and priests." The "specialness," however, came after the people's agreement before God at ; not before.

    The reason was chosen had nothing to do with the people at all, particularly those alive at the time of the covenant's ratification. It had, instead, everything to do with a PROMISE made more than 500 years before their existence, one that God, JAH of Armies, made to the man Abraham, after that man proved that he was God's friend. How so? By not withholding his "only-begotten" son, Isaac, from JAH, but showing that he would willingly sacrifice that son upon God's request. Now, why would a man do such a thing? Why would he be willing not only to give up the life of a son he loved with all of his heart, but do actually put that son to death himself? Love… and faith. Love… for God… more than for his son, indeed than for his own life. And faith that although he loved this son, God would not have him commit an unrighteous act; that God knew what He was doing. His love and faith in God, however, were very different from what most us understand: he loved God… and he had faith in God… because he KNEW God. And he knew God was not unrighteous nor that He would have him (Abraham) commit an unrighteous act.

    Just how it was that Abraham "knew" God will be set out in further detail when we discuss the New Covenant. But for now, suffice it to say that Abraham knew God was not unrighteous and so rather than question God's purpose and motive, he trusted God… trusted that what God was asking him to do was in fact righteous… and so had no fear… and as a result demonstrated his love and faith, exercised them, by proceeding to do what God had asked of him. Without doubting. You know: much as a husband wants a wife to do, a wife wants a husband to do, parents want children to do, and children want parents to do. All of us, in these particular roles, want to be loved to the point of being trusted, even if the person we are wanting it from doesn't quite understand or "see" what we see.

    But why would God ask a man to do such a thing? Here it is, the man's beloved son, and God was asking for a sacrifice of that son. How could He do that? He did it because God Himself was going to do such a thing, sacrifice HIS "only-begotten" son… on behalf of this man, Abraham. But He was going to do not only on behalf of the man, but also on behalf of his "seed" (i.e., all of his descendents), as well as many others. And why ask this man? The Most Holy One of needed to see if there was at lease ONE man in the earth who was willing to do for Him what He was willing to do for this man… and for all mankind: give His beloved Son. And there only needed to be one man willing to do so. Thus, we have Abraham. And so, because the man Abraham did not hesitate, did not withhold his only-begotten son, God PROMISED that him that by means of his (the man's) seed, all the nations of the earth would bless themselves. So what? So, because God cannot lie… and therefore HAD to make good on His promise… the nation of Israel, sons of Jacob, who was the son of Isaac, who was the son of Abraham… were chosen. There is no other reason, truly.


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    Thus, the Law Covenant was between:

    1. The Most Holy One of Israel , the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose name is JAH, of Armies; and

    2. The "Nation" of , which included:

    a. The descendants of the 12 sons of Jacob (including all 12 tribes and NOT just the Jews, who were descendents of only two tribes, the 2-tribe kingdom of "Judah", made up of Judah and Benjamin); and

    b. "All who go with them" (which, at that time, included those of the "vast mixed company" who left and along with the Israelites entered into the Law Covenant at . Since then, it would be any who attach themselves to (today, fleshly Jews) by means of trying to live by and adhere to the Law Covenant)

    B. How Mediated; Why

    The mediation of the Law Covenant was simple: the man Moses was chosen as the go-between between JAH and the nation of . He was chosen to receive the Law from God and then disseminate to the people. Problem is, most people believe that God chose Moses for this important task, but that is not entirely the truth. It is true that God chose Moses to lead out of (along with Moses' brother Aaron). And it was true that God knew that Moses would eventually mediate this most important contract; however, just as it occurred on many occasions, it was actually the people themselves who chose: as they often did, the people themselves, by their own mouths, "sealed" their own fate.

    Picture this, if you will: the people have agreed, unanimously, to obey JAH and "keep His commandments." Thereafter, God directs Moses and Aaron to assemble all of the people at the base of , between the two mountains because He Himself is going to descend and ratify this agreement personally, directly, with the people themselves. There was only one caveat, that being that NO ONE, not even one of the animals, was to come too close to the mountain for fear of actually touching it and rendering it unclean.

    Rather than rejoice that the Most Holy One of Israel was actually going to condescend to come down and appear before them all personally, however, the Israelites became fearful. Not only because of their lack of faith,, but more importantly, because of their lack of LOVE: rather than remember the "righteous" acts God had done for them in delivering them from their enemies, they attributed unrighteousness to Most Holy One of Israel… and became fearful. Thus, when the trumpet sounded and smoke appeared as JAH was descending, they considered the whole matter too much for them to bear thereafter implored Moses to go up and GET the Law and bring it back down to them! By their own mouths, they sent Moses up into Sinai to receive the Law on their behalf. They, the Israelites, made Moses the "mediator" of their covenant with God. They did so because … their hearts were hard. And their hearts were hard… because they lacked LOVE. And we know they lacked love because love… "casts ALL fear… outside."

    C. Requirements, Consequences and Rewards

    The requirements of the Law were not so simple. Without going into specific detail (because the Law actually consisted of close to 700 requirements, restrictions, prohibitions, affirmations, sacrifices, retributions, and more, most of which have been whittled down to the "Ten Commandments"), the main feature of the Law was that it appeared to carry with it "blessing" and "malediction;" in fact, JAH Himself is recorded to have stated this. Thus, supposedly, if you kept them, God would bless you and you would become prosperous; but if you broke just one, God would "punish" you, either by requiring some specific "sacrifice," some manner of retribution, or by annihilation… the latter of which, in some instances, would be delivered upon you AND your family. Thus, the covenant was, in many aspects, one of law… and death.

    (I would like to lovingly caution you to hold your "righteous indignation" at this point, for I believe you will later find yourself in error. No, I will not attempt to "justify" what appears to be "unrighteous" acts on the part of the Most Holy One of . Indeed, I could not do so, for He is incapable of unrighteous acts. I know this to be true, because I know Him. And as a result, I very reason I have been sent to you is that same as that for the One who sent me, my Lord, the Holy One of Israel, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH: "to bear witness to the TRUTH." And just as I receive from him, and he from the Father, so I share with you. Thus, I ask your patience, if you can kindly spare me that, for you will not be disappointed and left wanting: the matter will be satisfactorily clarified when discussed with regard to the New Covenant. I digress.)

    Back to the Law(s): some Laws could be broken and only an animal sacrifice need be given (which "sacrifices later turned into confessions and/or "hail marys," bead counting, etc., for some). Some Laws, however, had no sacrifice: nothing could be done to "atone" for transgression except the death of the offender. The impossibility of adhering to the Law, however, was repeatedly manifest within the nation: death upon death, sacrifice upon sacrifice, high priest after high priest, the sins of the people continued. Indeed, that impossibility is still manifest among all of mankind today. True, most do not transgress the Law with regard to adultery and murder; however, the other eight are usually questionable; indeed, they've virtually been removed from the Ten, leaving us now with "the Two or Three Commandments That Really Must be Adhered To." Almost everyone would agree, however, that most professed "christians" believe their life or death depends on adhering at least to the two or three (if not the entire Ten), and breaking some or all will most assuredly land one in Hell for all eternity or, for some, in Purgatory, until such time as someone can come up with the requisite "redemption" price.

    And even if death did not occur promptly, a person's belief that it was unmistakenly imminent as a result of some particular sin was, for some, even worse: even where a sin was committed unintentionally (yes, even one of the 10), due to some weakness or other, or out of some undesired but controlled passion, etc., death was the be the result at some point; now… or later. For some, "now," would have been preferable, and the same is true for many today. Indeed, having to live out one's life awaiting some horrendous retribution was and is a "burden" that not only brings a person's hopes and low, but can and does turn many from God altogether (i.e., what’s the point; I'm going to die anyway?"). It did then; it does today.

    So why a Law Covenant? Was its true purpose really to set up a system of do's and don'ts by which God was/is to judge a people He chose as His, as well as all of mankind? Was it truly set up to keep people "separate" from others? Was it really set up to remind the people that they were "special" and show them how they could "please" God? Was it set up to show the nation that if they "broke" one… or two… or more… God would wrought His wrath upon a violator and annihilate such one either immediately or at some future point? Yes… and no.

  • AGuest

    D. Purpose

    The primary purpose of the Law Covenant was NOT to make Laws so that God would know who to bless… and who to punish… who to keep alive… or who to kill. The Law Covenant "came into existence… to make sins… manifest." What does that mean, exactly? Back then, it means that the people carried on in such a way that it was evident that although they should have known what "sin" was, they obviously didn't. And so God had a law written so that they no longer had any excuse. Excuse to what? "Commit a sin?" Well, yes. But excuse to claim they didn't know when they sinned. Sinned against whom? God. Yes… and no. Sinned… against a brother. Sinned… against a neighbor. Sinned… against an enemy. And thus, sinned… against God: one cannot be "loving" God, if one "hates" his brother, his neighbor, or even his enemy.

    Back then, the people had, almost immediately after leaving

    This "reminder," however, was not a means by which God intended individual members of Israel to look at one another and point out transgressions; rather, it was the means by which God intended each one to look at him or her self,… and see where they, INDIVIDUALLY, were transgressing… against their brother, against their neighbor, against their enemies… against God! In addition, it was the means by which God intended them, when they were transgressed against, to know how they had been so that they could FORGIVE their brother, their neighbor, their enemy, such transgression.

    Being the hard-headed, hard-hearted, stiff-necked people that they were, however, the people easily fell into judging… and condemning one another. A transgression of the TRUE "second" commandment (discussed later)… on which the entire Law hung! Dear ones, the Law was not a "window" in which Israel was to peer to see the transgressions of others; it was a "mirror"… into which ALL of Israel was to "peer"… so as to know their OWN transgressions, so as to discern their OWN "rafter," so as to REMOVE it… before trying to extract the "straw" of another, if indeed such straw existed!

    E. Fulfillment

    Again, there was close to 700 laws. Even the most careful Israelite, therefore, would break one or more, sooner or later. Even the most diligent Israelite would have forgotten some requirement, some caveat, some provision, to the transgression of the law, his or her chagrin, and in some instances, his or her life. And it didn't always need to be something we today would consider substantial. Take the man Moses: before fleeing , he killed a man. Yet, he was still called to lead . Why? Well, first of all, he was not yet under the Law: he had not yet agreed to a covenant with God that included the words "thou shalt not [kill]." But even if he had entered into this covenant, the TRUTH is that covenant never said "thou shalt not kill." It said: "Thou shalt not commit murder, which is, in fact, an entirely different thing.

    Murder, dear ones, requires forethought. It requires malice, a malignant heart. It involves planning, scheming; it involves a deceitful heart. It originates from a place of hate, a total lack of love. Moses killed a man out of passion, anger, and lack of control of both. He committed manslaughter, which is an entirely different thing. However, Moses did later commit a "sin" that did violate the Law: he took glory for himself that belonged to God. He claimed to have brought forth water from a rock, a feat he could not have possibly done on his own. He did it by means of the power of holy spirit that was granted him, by God, and failed to give the glory for doing so to God. As a result, he was not allowed to cross the and enter into , but had to die outside. So, even Moses, the man called by God to lead , could not and did not fulfill the Law. Indeed, could anyone?

    Yes, dear ones; however, there is only One who could… and did… fulfill the Law: he did not transgress even one. That person is the Son and Christ of the Most Holy One of Israel, whose name is JAH of Armies, my Lord and Master, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH. He fulfilled the Law "perfectly." In Part II, I will share with you when, where, how and why he did, because it is on this basis that the NEW Covenant, which is a covenant of LOVE and LIFE, versus a covenant of law… and death… came to exist.

    Until then, may the undeserved kindness and mercy of my God and Father the Most Holy One of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose name is JAH of Armies, and the peace of His Son and Christ, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, be upon you, you and your entire household.

    Servant to the Household of God that is Israel and all who go with, and a slave of Christ,


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    F*ck off JAHESHOOPOOBUA MISFITCHAJAH .. take this (((BOOF!))) I wanna talk to Shelby,

    Hey Shelby J,

    How are you sweetheart? Love and hug .. unc. squee (((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))) eeeze

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    Como estas? Muy bien, I hope! Peace to you!

    I saw your "serious" post just a sec ago and was hoping to "talk" 'wit 'cha (of course on a serious note - whadiya think and what else would you expect from me, given the title? But... I should'a known, right? - LOLOLOLOLOL!)

    How the heck are 'ya? I am SO sorry... to you and all of my dear ones here for being absent. It truly was not my intention to be away so long between posts and to send out my greetings for love and peace more often. I'm afraid I took on quite a bit, in my personal life, however, and so what gets neglected? My Lord's sheep, of course. I am ashamed, truly. But not overly so; praise JAH, the fruit of His spirit that is joy still abounds in me. I belong to Christ and so life is GOOD, whatever it brings, and I am having a wonderful time! Whatever I am able to share, give, do on behalf of my Lord, no matter how small, is still a privilege and I am glad to do it!

    But I love you all, truly - you know I do (although I sometimes feel as if some need love to be shown in more... ummmm... worldly ways than I am able to give at a given time - ah, well!)

    I wish I could share this fruit of the spirit, joy, with those who seem to be lacking. My heart goes out to them, for I would rather lose a limb than lose my joy. I will share this, though:

    My Lord never promised anyone a rose garden in this life; rather, he held out a torture limb/tree/pole/stake; I chose to "carry" mine, so I have no right to complain about anything but instead understand the words of another wise man (whose name escapes me at the moment) that "life... is not for "sissies." It's hard; it's tough. It's very often dog-eat-dog. But no matter how hard your problems are, there is always... ALWAYS... someone out there who has it harder and tougher. Praise JAH, there but for His grace and mercy... go I.

    My life is not perfect, UB, not even close (particularly considering my health from time to time). But it's worth living, still, absolutely and without a doubt... because of such joy... and living while giving as much as I can and taking nothing more than I need... in any respects... is how I choose to do it.

    So, the greatest of love and peace to you, dear Skunkel-ly One... and thanks for letting me "vent". I remain, as always,

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


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    Hey Shelby I only fell back in here a month ago after a looooong time away.

    Sorry to hear you have health problems X

    Here have some demon spray:

    cheers, unc.

    ps: I haven't posted anything serious this past week and it's been wonderful

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    Nice to see you still around and kickin Shelby. Holla at me when you get a chance.

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    Hello AGuest. It's been awhile. Glad to have you posting again.

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    The meeting with our true Source results in awakening to being boundless Freedom itself. What blinds us to this freedom, what encloses and "enslaves" us, is the mind; which is probably why the words you hear your JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH giving you are -- not surprisingly -- sounding more and more like those of a law student.

    You are a dear, Shelby; and many here feel the warmth and genuine caring of your presence. I know I do.

    I suggest the next time your Lord comes visiting that you sit in deep silence together; that you both may discover what is infinitely beyond words and thoughts, and so endlessly vast as to never be named or spoken.


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    Ya gotta call me! Check your pm.



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