Poll: How many Quit school to pioneer? And: Did you go to college?

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  • theredhead

    How many of you quit school to pioneer or just because? And please explain why you quit...

    Also: Did you go to college? How did your dub family react?

  • theredhead

    I graduated High school with honors. My Sophmere year I was offered a spot on National Honor Society, my mom would not allow me because it would happen on a meeting night.

    I plan to attend college in Aug. to be a nurse (lpn). My aunt is very happy for me, she is a jw. My grandmother cant understand why I want to go to college with the end of the worl nearing.

    My hubby and I will go together..

  • Chasity1

    I delayed going to college after HS well because it was the thing to do. My family was thrilled when I told them I was going to pioneer and waitress part time to support myself.

    On my way out of the cult going to college is one of the first things I did. My dub family did not approve. When they realized they could not change my mind they tried to get me to go to take a 2 year nursing course. I told them the site of my own blood make me queazy so therefore I could not be in that profession. Then they told me to take a paralegal course. I said no. I told them for fiancial aid reasons I had to declare a major (I chose liberal arts) and they had a fit. I eventually changed over to business and got my degree in that. No support for them. I did not really care. I soon went inactive and was df'd a few years later.

  • IP_SEC

    I had 3 extra credits my senior year so I joined DECA and "worked" half the day in my moms shop instead of going to school. We thought it was ok to fib a little and tell the school I was working when I was actually pioneering.

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Never pioneered.

    Finished high school. Went to college where I got a dual bachelors in math and english. Then post baccaulerate work in accounting. Then my masters in Taxation. Then law school for my juris doctorate. Then sat for the CPA exam. Ten freaking years, I must have been nuts, but I had a big chip on my shoulder from being raised a dub. Born in, never baptized.

    At first my parents did everything they could to talk me out of it. When it became apparent that wasn't going to work they were mostly indifferent and I think always waiting for me to fail. By the time I finished law school they had come around and were very enthusiastic.

  • Fe2O3Girl

    I think things may be different here in the UK - full-time education is only compulsary until age 16. Most JW children did finish school at 16. Where I lived, it was acceptable to get a full-time dead-end job rather than carry on going to school or college (we call 16+ education college). Of course, pioneering and a part-time dead-end job was the preferred option.

    I stayed at school until I was 18, then started work full-time with a day-release college course, where an employer pays college fees and gives you the day off to go to college. I carried on with that arrangement for seven years, finally getting a qualification (BSc Hons) I could have had in three years full-time study. I was disfellowshipped about 6 years in.

    Generally speaking, my further education was tolerated, but I think the elders in my congregation went more hardline after I left. If young women get an education, they can support themselves, then they can leave when their husbands start hitting them. Elders in Leigh, Lancashire congregation think that it is OK for husbands to hit their wives, even when they have to go to meetings with bruises visible. So, we don't want young sisters being able to support themselves - gives them ideas above their station.

  • Narkissos

    I left high school at 16, just one year before graduating (baccalaureate), to pioneer...

  • PoppyR

    I left school at 16 to pioneer, so sure that Armageddon would arrive before I had the chance to go to pioneer school (my goal!!!!) At the grand old age of 37 I'm just about to go back to college this year to study for a degree. One of my biggest regrets in life is not pursuing my education but it was just not the done thing back then, i dont know anyone that even stayed on until they were 18 let alone went to college.


  • stillajwexelder

    Never pioneered - I went to college

  • serendipity

    I didn't pioneer. I finished high school and went to college to obtain a bachelor's degree, while living at home. My JW parents tolerated it for a while. My father decided I was setting a bad example for my younger sister and brother and wanted to kick me out of the house. My mother talked him out of it.

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