I can't stand seeing one more young person wasteing their life in the org..

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Yesterday I had a talk with a young JW woman my family has been close to for several years. She confided in me how she has become inactive in the ministry because she would never want to bring anyone into the unloving association of people in her hall. At meetings she said she is constantly surpressing anger just to get through it and it has made her become a bitter angry person. She said she hates the person she is becoming. She has witnessed in our hall some major problems concerning lack of love , lying , lording over others. The problem is she only thinks this is a local problem . When I tried to ask her maybe the problem is deeper , and what if the whole organization is the problem .She was shocked I would think that .....Yet she and her hubby see no problem cruising bars , hanging out with worldly people , smoking on occasion ,cussing. Yet she still thinks the JW have the truth ....only she wants to pick and choose what to believe. I can't make sense of that ........Will her eyes ever open ?

  • daystar

    It sounds to me like they are opening, but she is still in denial. Most people can't just toss out everything they've believed in so easily. It takes time.

    Recognizing that the JWs don't produce the fruits you would expect is only a first step for her.

  • Gill

    TM - She just hasn't discovered the Truth about the Troof yet. Perhaps you can guide her, so that she doesn't waste the rest of her life.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    That's what I'm hoping to do . I see myself in her twenty years ago , going through the inner turmoil . I don't want to see her waste any more time in the pursuit of the lies.

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Ask her, if it is the "truth" why isn't she pioneering?

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