Is Time Speeding up? The Schumann Resonance

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  • stillajwexelder

    If you like theories about time speeding up , a far better read is Einsteins "Clock Paradox"

  • ballistic

    But don't forget the bible says "Jehovah is speeding it up in his own time". Yep must be true.

  • Gill

    Leolaia - I agree with you, but that's the thing that you're dealing with here. No body knows for absolute certainty BUT, there is no way that the human race has been around and 'ticking' intelligently for only 6000 years. You have to be a creationist fanatic to believe that.

    Where Hancock differs is that he is theorising. He is looking for clues, and using imagination to put those very few clues together.

    Artists, sometimes see what scientist cannot see for looking for concrete evidence.

    Putting the past together is difficult, even tracking yesterday.

    But I find it impossible to accept that intelligent, functioning humans have only been around for 6000 years.

    There's a lot that Hancock and others write about that makes me laugh, but in the end, the evidence that they are looking at still exists in bits and pieces. It can only be put together with some imagination.

  • toreador

    What does ECD stand for?


  • IP_SEC

    What does ECD stand for?


    Earth Crust Displacement

  • Oroborus21

    Howdy Gill:

    Never heard of this Schuman Resonance but it sounds interesting. I don't actually put stock in these things, however, it may interest you to know that thus far I have found at least 5 different "phenonema" pointing to December 21, 2012.

    1. The McKenna Time Wave Zero - which spikes to infinity on that date

    2. The Mayan Calendar - which ends & begins a new age on that date

    3. The reversal of the Sun's magnetic poles the next time this occurs will be about that date (occurs every 11 years)

    4.The Tree of Life ("Sacred Tree") - The Sun crosses the Axis Mundi (the exact Galactic plane) on that date

    5. Suntelia Aeon - When the Sun rises out of the Mouth of the Oroborus (the Milky Way)

    As I say, I am sceptical of any real significance for 12-21-12 but just for fun, I adjusted my "birthdate" on my profile so that the counter is a count-down to that date.


    PS: edited to change the Earth's magnetic pole flip to the Sun's. the Earth's flips also but I have to research the cycle and see what the experts are predicting for it

  • Oroborus21

    Oh and then there was Buddha Boy who was going to meditate for 6 more years and expected to reach enlightenment (become a Buddha) in 2012.

    but the latest is that he has gone missing :-)


  • mustang

    Generally, looking at Physics, you encounter "wave mechanics" and under that heading you further find "resonance", "standing waves", "cavity", "tuning" and a number of other esoteric technical items.

    Once you understand the phenomena related above, you will notice that a cavity (there are several types) is one of many methods of tuning to resonance or even "off-resonance".

    The Schumann Resonance has to do with a set of calculations that assumed that the surface (and perhaps "subsurface") of the earth and the various atmospheric layers (such as the several ionospheric layers) formed a cavity. From the dimensions of any cavity one or more "resonant frequencies" are encountered and may be calculated.

    The Schumann numbers are all horrendously large (thousands of kilometers) and correspond to Extremely Low Frequency waves (ELF). These were a favorite study of Tesla and therefore are viewed in awe by his devotees. (I have noticed several scientific faux paus of Tesla and am not personally awed by him.)

    Normally, when we encounter a shift in the frequency of a resonance phenomenon, we look to variations ("drift") in the tuning mechanism or errors in the method of measurement, not Time itself. Time is a "universal constant" that would the last on the list of suspects.

    I would suspect that an atmospheric layer of the ionosphere or such has moved or changed dimensions, before Time itself would shift. This would reflect our poor understanding of a relatively new field of study and attendant hypotheses.

    The Schumann Resonance phenomenon is simply not of the caliber of "universal constant" (in stability, levels of detailed study, experimental predictions and other characteristics) that Time itself constitutes and should not be used as the gauge of Time. Indeed, other phenomenon which are more normal indicators of the stability of Time do not seem to be heralding any significant change.


  • mustang


    I am curious as to what you were reading about this. Please let us know.



  • Gill

    Hi Mustang

    I think it was a few years ago when I first read up on this. There were a several scientist discussing 'global warming' and how they did not believe it was due to greenhouse gases but a natural cyclical phenomenon on the Earth that had happened before. They claimed that one large volcanic eruption caused more greenhouse gases and produced a greater effect on the planet's climate than ALL the pollution that humans created.

    Anyway, I started to read up, (on books I can't remember now) that's how I slipped into the pseudo science books and the 'new age theories' web sites. Which by the way I know are just theories, even cranky theories. However, without imagination, no scientist would get anyway. Einstein would never have come up with his theories if he couldn't imagine the possibilities of what he saw, and what they could mean.

    I choose to read them with an open mind. Don't mind a fig that anyone finds them funny. Heavens! There are things I have read that have me falling about laughing... but I was interested in what others may have read on these subjects.

    Since leaving dubland, I take nothing that I read for granted and WANT the opinions of others.

    I also find it difficult to just 'accept' anything that anyone says, be it a scientist, or a theorist, and especially not someone who just believes the status quo of any thing that is taught and believed.

    So, Mustang, your view is taken on board and mixed in with everyone elses.

    Recently I've dropped the 'heavy science books' and started to look at the books of Hancock, Charles Hapgood, ancient mythology and prehistory.

    Maybe it 'screws with your brain', all these ideas, BUT it is interesting, even fascinating to see what others are thinking, and imagining as possibilities.

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