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    2 Peter 2:21-22 21 It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them. 22 Of them the proverbs are true: "A dog returns to its vomit," and, "A sow that is washed goes back to her wallowing in the mud." ( Has Prince returned to his vomit ?) Hot & tight Jehovah's Witness Hot & tight
    Detroit Free Press, United States - 8 minutes ago
    ... title track, with its lusty chorus and "Black Album"-era groove, that the 47-year-old artist isn't letting his new emergence as a Jehovah's Witness stop his old ...

    Hot & tight

    Prince returns to his funky, sexy roots on the gratifying '3121' BY BRIAN McCOLLUM [email protected] FREE PRESS POP MUSIC CRITIC We knew Prince had it in him. It was just a matter of time. 3121," the Minneapolis star's Motown Records debut and full-fledged return to the major-label world, is a phenomenal work from front to back, a record that should immediately deliver him to the mainstream stage after years in the creative and commercial wilderness. Cool, funky and teeming with hooks, the album reprises the vintage Prince sound and style without any forced retro clumsiness. It's the culmination of a reenergized career overhaul that's been at least two years in the making. Prince released plenty of good music after his notorious 1996 split from Warner Brothers, but often you needed a little luck and a lot of digging to find it amid what became a sprawling mass of uneven releases. "3121," tight and cohesive, quickly eliminates the dilemma. That cliched complaint about contemporary pop albums with "only one or two good songs"? Not applicable here. Each of these 12 tracks stands strong on its own; any could have fit comfortably on a Prince album circa '84-'87. With the throwback funk-psychedelia of 2004's "Musicology" as its launching point, the new record dives even deeper into Prince's roots -- and into the nether regions where sexy, slinky tunes come soaked in double entendres. It's clear from the opening title track, with its lusty chorus and "Black Album"-era groove, that the 47-year-old artist isn't letting his new emergence as a Jehovah's Witness stop his old-school carnal urges, and the musical ambrosia is all over "3121." Creative experiments are all well and good, but it's been ages since Prince put together a collection of material this aesthetically consistent, and that's refreshing. Much of his '90s work was either congested with sound or minimalist to a fault; here he's judicious with the layering, crafting distinctive soundscapes while letting the arrangements breathe. He has achieved the balance once so distinct to his work, creating sounds that are interesting for the sake of being interesting, but without overwhelming the songs themselves -- in this case such melodic, dance floor-ready standouts as "Lolita," "Fury," "Black Sweat" and "Love." As the disc rolls into its closing tune, the delicious '70s-styled soul-funk of "Get On the Boat" with sax man Maceo Parker, you realize just how easy Prince has made all this look. He tosses out the classic Prince material so easily, it's as if he's deliberately taunting a decade's worth of naysayers: "See, I could always do this stuff with my eyes closed." But that doesn't mean he seems bored. Far from it: On "3121," to the benefit of all involved, Prince sounds like he's having more fun than he has in years. Contact BRIAN McCOLLUM at 313-223-4450 or [email protected] --------------------------- Related article: The loin king roars again
    The Observer, UK - 10 hours ago
    ... album are disappointingly anodyne. When Prince became a Jehovah's Witness in 2001 he reined in his artistic libido. But 3121 finds ... Prince and his Conversion to JWs Danny Haszard's 'Prince page' Bro PRINCE brings GLORY to JEHOVAH ongoing original Prince thread,this article deserved a highlight of it's own for now

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    And to think! My JW mother told my 'recently left the JWs' Sister, that she should be 'more like Prince and bring your life in line with Jehovah's laws!'


  • Clam

    LOL Danny, if the system is working, hopefully the WTS™ monitoring people will phone his Congo™ and get him hauled into the back room with the Elders™. Then he may become a Board Member! He could already be a lurker??

  • DannyHaszard

    I have no hard feelings toward "Prince" I've bought and paid for two of his CD's.

    It's the Wicked Watchtower who controlled me to such a degree that i stayed chaste & celibate for 46 years believing in their lie that i would get the 'woman of my dreams any minute in the new system'

    My repressed sex life in the Jehovah's Witnesses True story,i couldn't have made this up guys.

  • prophecor

    Thanks for your vigilance on the issues of the day, Danny. I'm not in judgement of the Purple One, either, I somehow felt it would only be a matter of time before he would begin to come to his senses. I couldn't see him holding it up forever, but maybe there's hope for us after all. If prince was to become a Witness, It must be the truth.

  • bisous

    Danny, I hope you can smile now. You look like such an anquished soul in those pictures. I am sorry for your life's pain.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings again Danny

    Thanks again for the info. Keep up the great work you do!


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    Prince refuses 2 talk 2 Billboard reporter; per4ms unrevealing ...
    Minneapolis City Pages, MN - 2 hours ago
    ... ranting about his former label for most of the conference, and without any prompting, he openly discussed his newfound faith as a Jehovah's Witness, offering ...

  • rimbaudbunuel

    My dad made me go to his memorial talk last year in the beverly hills congregation cause he gave it - and prince was there. JOnathan

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    Puttin' on the Funk, Playing Sly Games
    New York Times, United States - 4 hours ago
    ... on his new album, "3121." He has his perennial topics in mind: love, partying and sex (monogamous now that he has declared himself a Jehovah's Witness), with ... ....Prince doesn't sing any complicated messages on his new album, "3121." He has his perennial topics in mind: love, partying and sex (monogamous now that he has declared himself a Jehovah's Witness), with some salvation on the side. It's a friendly, happy, concise album, clocking in under 54 minutes and just about always putting the funk in the foreground. But within the grooves, Prince enjoys some sly musical games. It's not what he says, but what he plays, that gives the songs their snap.....

    .......Prince has done some careful ethical balancing to square his old lascivious self with his openly devout one, and on "3121" he shows his sense of humor about it. He's still a seducer, but one with boundaries. In "Lolita," he's tempted by a young girl, yet insists, "you'll never make a cheater out of me"; then he starts a call and response, asking, " What you wanna do?" She responds, teasingly, "Whatever you want," but when he says, "Then come on, let's dance," she says, with disdain and disbelief, "Dance?" Still, Prince understands what made him a star, and he's not giving it up. "I'm hot and I don't care who knows it," he declares in "Black Sweat," then immediately gets pragmatic: "I got a job to do." ------ WOW! Has Prince got the mealy-mouth dub double life mastered?He is a fast learner.Jehovah's Witnesses are the 'perfect storm' of deception-in a word they are the cult of Innuendo -Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

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