We can sent e-greetings to Ian in the hospital!

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  • Alleymom

    Hey, everyone ---

    Gumby suggested that I start a new thread with this information.

    We can send e-greetings to Ian while he is in the hospital. Volunteers at the Christie Hospital will print and deliver our greetings from 9-5 from M-F. So let's surprise Ian (and the hospital volunteers! ) with a whole STACK of email greetings on Monday!

    Here is the link:


    You have to select the proper "Ward" from the pull-down menu. Since he is in the Adult Leukaemia Ward, I selected "ALU" --- I hope that's right!

    For anyone who wants to send a regular greeting card, the address is:

    Ian Hinze, Room 16,
    Adult Leukaemia Ward
    The Christie Hospital
    Wilmslow Road
    Manchester M20 4 BX


  • gumby

    It's real easy....I promise. Heres what the form looks like from the link

    Christie e-Greeting

    Your Name: * Required
    Your email address: * Required * Invalid Email
    Patient Name: * Required
    Ward: * Required
    Your Message:
    Maximum 1000 characters including spaces.
  • ozziepost

    Now that's real neat!

    I wish our hospitals downunder would do that!

  • Alleymom
    I wish our hospitals downunder would do that!

    Ozzie ---

    I looked around the Christie Hospital site, and I am very impressed with the services they offer. This e-greeting feature is such a wonderful idea! I am excited that Ian will be able to hear from us so soon.

    I hope Ian has a room overlooking the hospital gardens:

    I'm logging off for tonight. Let's try to keep this BTT through tomorrow so that Ian will receive a whole stack of e-greetings on Monday!


  • ozziepost
  • stillAwitness

    What a great idea! I will get on it first thing Monday morning

  • cruzanheart

    Wonderful! Just did it.

    Thanks for the link!!!


  • fairchild

    Yeah, I did too. It's great to have such a service where you can send e-greetings.

  • MerryMagdalene
  • stillajwexelder

    great idea

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