Did you ever feel in danger due to extreme weather?

by greendawn 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • greendawn

    Did you ever find yourself in extreme weather conditions extreme cold, heat, winds, rain etc

    I was once caught out driving during a hurricane, some things were flying around but fortunately I survived.

  • cosmic

    How does one get "caught out driving around" in a hurricane? That's kind of like, "I once walked in front of this train."

  • robhic

    Well, I live on the outskirts of New Orleans and dodging the bullet that was Hurricane Katrina does make one respect the weather. I sustained no real damage but I've lived in and around this area all my life and have been thru some others in the "tropical weather" department over the years that were considerably worse.

    Yep, heavy weather (no, not the album by the band Weather Report... ) does tend to make one do some thinking and introspection.


  • Virgochik

    Tornado season in the midwestern USA was scary sometimes, hiding in the basement till the all clear whistle blew.

    Scariest of all were the icy roads and blinding snowstorms that Jehoopla's true worshippers took their children out driving in. It's a miracle we didn't go off the road more on those dark nights coming home from late meetings.

  • nsrn

    Scariest I ever experienced was driving home in a developing thunderstorm and suddenly our ears all hurt (pressure drop), big old car lifted up and down, and there in the field next to us was an up-close-and-personal tornado. We were fine, but scared.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    I broke through ice when I was 8 years old. My dad pulled me out of the water, wrapped me in his coat and carried me (running) 2 miles in sub-freezing temps, 30mph winds and in over a foot of snow, he literally saved my life.

    D Dog

  • Leolaia

    Lightning once struck a few feet away from me...hit a powerline that seemingly exploded and I was blinded for about a minute. Most dazzling experience of my young life.

  • wednesday

    We had a tornado pass very close to our home. It was dark as night and erie quiet before it blew through. Myself and the children were hiding in the bathroom in the tub with pillows over our head. it passed about a mile or two from us, no damage to our home. That has happened at least 2 times, (living in different homes). We also had some straight line winds a few years back, uprooted trees everywhere. Again, we are in the bathroom hiding.I grab a flashlight, my purse, necesary medicine, and run for the hallway or bathrooms. That is about all you can do in texas unless you have a storm shelter.

  • JeffT

    Does a volcano count as weather? When Mt. St. Helens blew, we were about 200 miles downwind, in Pullman, WA. Sky went COMPLETELY black about 4 in the afternoon. That night there were times when we couldn't see street lights fifty feet away through the ash. No one had any idea what was going on, or how dangerous it was. They told us to stay inside. It was quite awhile before things got back to normal.

  • serendipity

    Growing up, there was a tornado that touched down briefly less than a quarter mile from our house. We didn't even know it. We've had several tornado warnings up here in the Dallas area, which leaves us cowering in our bathtub with pillows and blankets over us. It's very scary listening to the high winds and not knowing if it's just from storms or are tornadic.

    I've lived through tropical storms, but except for some street flooding, was not a big deal.

    When we have ice storms in Dallas, it's dangerous to get out on the streets because people aren't equipped for that here. We also have brief torrential downpours here that make driving nearly impossible, so I hate being on the road. Then, in East Texas, once every two or three years, there's a dense fog, which make driving very dangerous.

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