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    After my review of the Dyslexia article I have decided to do another. Well I would like to become more involved here since I got so much help from reading all your experiences etc. (Dyslexia

    Todays topic:
    Tagline: God's Name and Bible Translators

    If using the name of God is entirely inappropriate, why does it appear almost 7,000 times in the original Hebrew text?
    Found at Front Page Linking to
    "Hallowed Be Your Name"—What Name?

    Just looking at the Tagline I am having serious questions floating in my head. One "How many times does gods name appear in the Original GREEK text?"

    More difficult questions "In Hebrew wasnt gods name Adonai | El | Elohim | Elyon | Shaddai | Shekinah | YHWH etc.?"

    Lest delve into this exciting article and find out do they answer their own question. Side issue why oh why is everything posed as a question. And why if I ask a question am I apostate?

    "ARE you a religious person? Then doubtless, like many others, you believe in a Supreme Being."
    What about Budhists, Shintoists, etc.?

    "And likely you have great respect for the well-known prayer to that Being, taught by Jesus to his followers and known as the Lord's Prayer, or the Our Father. The prayer begins like this: "Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.""

    Why does the WT think everybody must be Christian? In my live traveling hte world I have found Budhist people to be a lot nicer to their fellow man than any Christian.

    In this article they go on about the lords prayer and how it shows how important it was to Jesus. Funny Jesus didnt say his name in the prayer. Or didnt sound like any prayer I have heard in the hall.

    "Thus, The Illustrated Bible Dictionary (Volume 1, page 572) states the following: "A study of the word 'name' in the O[ld] T[estament] reveals how much it means in Hebrew. The name is no mere label, but is significant of the real personality of him to whom it belongs.""

    Why does the WT only quote other bibles that support their own assertions, and if all scriptures are inspired, what about the feminist bible that was produced a few years ago, god was given a female name.




    I though this word was phased out of the WTs recent publications, seems it has creeped its way back.

    "If anyone makes an addition to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this scroll; and if anyone takes anything away from the words of the scroll of this prophecy, God will take his portion away from the trees of life."—Revelation 22:18, 19;

    I ask again, how many times is gods name written in the Original Greek scriptures. How many times is it mentioned in the NWT. What is the punishment?

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