Farkel HATES bad gramma's

by candidlynuts 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • candidlynuts

    or was that bad grammar?

    i know it makes me an evil bird but i was giggling at farkels displeasure at bad grammar and spelling in another post.

    i dont mind misspellings (is that spelled right?) but stuff like R U 4 REEEL? irks the ever livin piss out of me!!

    R is spelled ARE

    U is YOU

    4 is a freakin NUMBER!

    when teens do it its not so irritating..but when adults do it , i wanna yank on their ears till they look like farkel!!

    this post is not directed at ANY ONE PERSON.. just random rantings of a crazy granny bird.

    (well other than the sincere amusement at farkel's grouchy displeasure)

  • candidlynuts

    well i thought it was funny!

    it's past my bedtime... everything is funny !!

  • stillajwexelder

    I is

    You is

    She are

    We is

    You is

    they is

    And I have just conjugated the present tense of the verb to be in real good grammar

  • ajsmama

    OK, OK, will someone please tell me what the big deal is? Did i log onto a proper grammer in the english language website? or one that is suppost to give support? I am typing on a computer, not writing a novel. I also have a newborn in my hands. I did not use any 4's R's or U's. I just wrote what i was thinking.


    It looks like there are some grumpy posters online tonight!!!

    Grammer is not the main event on this forum....I hope no one gets too offended by the onslaught!!!


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I bet he loves STFU. ;-) Really though folks, it is only considerate to take the minuscale of extra effort when composing your posts to allow the reader to easily understand what you're saying. Making posts hard to read because of laziness is not a quality I admire.

  • AudeSapere

    It was a pretty bad hijack on a newbie's thread.

    Grammatical errors, typos, or not - It was ill-form to criticize the brand new poster who was requesting info and assistance with a DF'd spouse and his cold 'family.'

    A new thread (this one, for instance!) perhaps should have been started immediately so the grammar police could duke it out and allow the new poster to get the assistance and support she was looking for.

    It's a shame that it was not the warm welcome that people here are (mostly) known to give.


  • LDH

    Father, forgive him, for he knows not what he does.

    JD I hope I don't come across as being in a bad mood. I'm not. I just don't think one should remove the straw from his sister's eye when there is a rafter protruding from his own.

    There are SOOOOOO MANY egregious examples of bad grammar, poor spelling, and total breakdown of syntax on this board.

    I don't know if you read ajsmama's post but the thought she was trying to make came across as crystal clear. There wasn't any reason, really, to point out minor flaws in her post. Quite frankly, Farkel made just as many errors.

    If you're going to insult someone's use of syntax and grammar, shouldn't your own be error free?


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Minuscule LDH, you got me. ;-)

    No, I have to disagree with you. I don't think anyone is criticizing the occasional error that slips through. What is being criticized (by me at least) are intentionally sloppy posts that make reading difficult/annoying, as alluded to in my previous post.


    See the distinction?

  • gumby

    Frankly, I don't give a rats ass if I spell a word wrong here and there.

    I figure i'm on a discussion board, not writing a resume for a job. I figure I get my point across well enough and that a mispelled word isn't going to detract from my message( maybe a little). I think most of us can take bad grammer or spelling, ...it's the longass posts with no paragraphs that's irritating.

    I had to get used to tetrepod sapians no capital letters at the beginning of sentences till one day he was honest and said" he was too lazy to capitilize". He has the brains to capitilize...he just doesn't want to.......and nobodys cares. I don't......do you?


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