(Fluff) Confession: I'm obsessed with this board

by MsMcDucket 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • GoingGoingGone

    I'm obsessed with this board, too. And I do think of the time I spend here as therapy. No one else understands the things we discuss here and all the emotions we go through like all of you guys. I feel so displaced, yet I fit in here. It's a great feeling.

    As if that's not enough, the posters here are so amazing! Funny, silly, intelligent, knowledgeable, caring, understanding.... I luvs you all!!!

    Some day I'm going to get to an Apostafest and meet some of you peepulz in person!


  • juni

    The FTD® Loving Remembrance™ Basket This one is for you Arwen to enjoy. Try to imagine the smell.

    I enjoyed what you said in your post. I'm sure there's not one person on this board that wouldn't agree with you. It's wonderful to have people understand what you're saying because they have been there.


  • Spectre

    I check out this site and a couple of others constantly. The internet is the new soap opera.

  • skeeter1

    Do not get obsessed with this board. I was...until I put an automatic internet lock at night. I need my rest. Rome, was not built in a day.


  • MsMcDucket
    I will try to post more.

    Arwen, posting is not a requirement. I'm glad you are benefitting by reading. When you decide to come out of your shell, we'll be here!

  • MsMcDucket
    Also, do you like to read? And if you do, what kind of books?

    Juni, thanks for the beautiful flowers! While in the dubs, I began to hate reading. I started to think reading anything other than the Watchtower or Awake was wrong. In my mind, if I didn't read the magazines, then I shouldn't be reading other stuff. So, my love of reading faded. The only thing that I love to read is this board. In time, I will get back to reading NOVELS. I loved all kinds of books, from Sci-fi to romance. Those were the days!

  • hallelujah

    Well we all have so much in common. We used to have a JW congregation, now we have an exJW congregatioin. No elders. We can say what we think when we want to. Even though we might not agree with each other we can still have a laugh.

    I do notice a distinct tendency to get into the lighter sexual side rather than real serious political issues. I suppose that's due to years of suppression.


  • ferret

    I'm addicted this is where I get my daily laughs. A lot of funny people here.

  • Cellist

    I miss Horrible Life too. Where is she? Does anyone know?


  • Poodles

    I also enjoy being in this forum, they allow me to express my feelings and are very informative!! I have not learned to post pictures as of yet, everytime i try i mess up!!

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