So What Exactly is an Unbaptized Publisher

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  • wombat

    An interesting thread but I have go outside to light my pipe.

    I wish I was an un-smoker.

  • MrsBee

    Thanks for clearing my conscience.
    No Prob :)

    I can be kind of obnoxious sometimes. The things I posted to you, in hindsight, looked like I was badgering and upsetting a very pregnant (and dare I say hormonal?) woman. I was just sick when you stopped responding to that thread. All I could think was that because of my obnoxious behaviour, your poor boy would be knocking on doors the rest of his days.
    I hope he doesnt, but if he does, i have decided that really there is nothing I can do about it, He knew what he was getting when he married me, Im a wordly girl LOLOL,I didnt know what I was getting, not complaining cuz i LOVE my baby :) BUT I am not about to be knockin on doors forcing my beliefs on people/bothering people..and Im NOT about to give up celebrating my birthday for nobody :| ---hehe

    So then I realized that alot of the reason I post here is out of my own personal anger toward the wt. But when folks here need help, I have to get over myself and focus on the people here looking for answers. It was a real eye opening experience for me!
    Its Ok, I have anger towards them as well, my husband was df'ed and still thinks he deserved to be treated the way he was.. Oh Well... The DFing is another reason I wouldnt become a Dub, my h eart wont allow me to treat people that way, I dont think that was the example Jesus set forth for us to follow.. But hey who am I ..and I let him know that there is No way I will ever become a witness, see, Im in my right mind, I didnt grow up in it, Im not missing anything in my life and Im not looking for anything, so Im not a candidate LOLOL...OOOOOOh that was COLD BLOODED .. haha

    So now you tell me I didn't scare you off at all. I guess that means I got the benefit of the experience without the cost.


    There are a lot of ubm's here MrsBee. We have been through alot, we have learned alot, and we are here to assist you in any way we can.

    Take care sis.


    Thanks CYP!!! You guys help me alot, Ill be seein more of ya!!!

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