Witnessing in extreme climates

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    Great list

    I remember the to-do about this one though.

    Wear looooooong skirts. Wear jeans under said skirt. Tuck jeans into boots
    Our hall forbid it. No pants even if you did have a long skirt covering it.
  • Nina
    Our hall forbid it. No pants even if you did have a long skirt covering it.

    There was a discussion on this point at the KH. The reasoning was that since the Israelite edict against wearing clothing associated with the opposite sex was meant for identification purposes it wouldn't matter if the jeans were hidden by a long skirt.

    How would they know anyway? Was someone assigned to check???

    Nina (apostate before she knew it)

  • Virgochik

    Mom and I wore long johns under our skirts and thick tights over those. It took so long to put on all those layers on a Saturday morning. We wore wool socks inside our boots, which were flat heeled and frumpy so we woulldn't slip on the ice. Our cargroup would pull up to a house and one of us would run to the door. Few wanted to open the door and let the heat out, and by the looks on the faces peeking thru the curtains, they were thinking, if we were too dumb to dress right, we didn't have anything they wanted anyhow. We'd run back to the car, and drive up to the next door. The person who had warmed up the most had to get out again, and so on.

  • blondie

    I live in an area that is cold and snowing for about 5 months every year. We just got hand-warmers and those warmers that slip into your boots. We got around the "dress" part by wearing special long underwear that were not bulky so we could wear 3 layers. We just layered above too and wore hats and scarves.

    Hey, people around here go out skiing, snowmobiling, running, biking, etc., in weather like this. The real issue is that d2d was not really much fun not the weather.

    But we made it so by bringing hot chocolate in thermoses and later stopping at a bakery with the greatest scones.

    The insanity of it was when the weatherpeople said it was not safe to go outside and the sane people stayed in; the JWs would hop in their cars and go to the meeting, the insane JWs that is.


  • undercover

    I stopped into a fast food restaurant on Saturday morning a couple of months ago. It was a cold and snowy day. The snow wasn't really sticking, but it made for a plain ole nasty, cold, wet day.

    Inside the restaurant were a couple of tables of dubs that I knew. They were dressed up in their service clothes. They had their kids and elderly with them. I had forgotten about having to go out every Saturday, come rain, snow or wind. Those poor kids looked miserable. The elderly didn't look too happy either.

    I felt bad for the kids but I was so glad to be out of that environment where you feel you have to go door to door in bad weather. What must the householders think when a 7 year old kid comes tromping up the walk in such nasty weather to try to sell some religious magazines to them? No wonder they think JWs are wacky.

  • Virgochik

    Householders are supposed to be impressed by the urgency of Jehoopla's life saving message... but instead, they think the Witlesses are a buncha flippin' looney tunes! with no common sense!

  • JH

    I knew a few brothers who would take pleasure going out in FS at -30C, just to show how spiritual they were.

    I found them stupid.

    Now what would a person think when a JW comes at your door at -30C. They will think, "if I become a JW, I'll have to go out in these temperatures".

    So, I think this is counterproductive, and plain stupid.

  • juni
    On the rare occasion people would ask you to step in and shut the door so we stood in the entry wall and the warmth. But if you stayed too long you started to overheat from all the layers of clothes needed for being out in the cold.

    Lady Lee -

    You are SO RIGHT!!


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