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  • KW13

    As folks might be aware the content of the CD-roms might be changed and things that aren't good for the WBT society could be removed.

    A solution?

    Looking on the 2003 CD i see the files are identical to the 2005 disc but obviously 2005 has more...so i just copied files from \rs_data\PUBS on the CD to C:\Program Files\Watchtower\Watchtower Library 2005\e\rs_data_e\PUBS

    Which means i have 2005's features, 2005 mags e.t.c but also the original untouched files from 2003 CD from prior to then. The process may well be possible with 2001...

    What then?

    The Watchtower Library 95 CD wasn't compabible with Windows 95 which is odd because in them days compability shouldn't of been an issue from 3.11 to Win 95. I think the society wanted a method of protecting Information on those discs as people moved forward in time, so when Windows Vista comes out unless Microsoft XP compatibility tool works well the same thing will happen. 2001/2003 MIGHT NOT work on your PC.

    I will keep an eye on this and get my 2001 CD back from a friend and see if i can patch back in the old removed things like the Sheep and the Goat thing that was mentioned by Uncle Bruce.

    BTW i am a computer geek

    It would also be possible to create a working installation CD of WBT 2005 with the original untouched files with a similar method
  • KW13

    lol...ok nevermind

  • greendawn

    As you like this sort of activity it will be useful if you make a list of all suspicious changes in the CD contents that you come across, such as when they are trying to hide something or distort facts that don't suit them.

  • ballistic

    You could use windiff.exe to search for changes automatically if you can pull the data out in ASCii format.

  • KW13

    will start looking tomorrow

  • KW13

    I need your help here - Firstly i want the 2001 from somewhere...if you could pm me if you can help with getting that...Other than that, the differences from 2003 to 2005 CD are there but i don't know what it means properly yet till i install both and compare both.

  • jwfacts

    I have the 97 cd if you would like that one. PM me is so. I will need some help with how to make a copy that you can use.

  • KW13

    Ok folks, go here to see progress http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/109956/1.ashx

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