Daniel 11 has been fulfilled (king of the north and south)

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  • sinis
  • Leolaia

    Interesting, but imho quite flawed in its interpretation of v. 36ff.

  • sinis

    How so?

  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    oh boy here we go. Leo is an "expert" with Daniel. Expect a lengthy jargonist post.

  • Leolaia

    Sorry to disappoint you old bud, but I left my answer intentionally laconic for that very reason...because of the crap I get from people like you about my detailed answers. Rather than trying to explain and justify my opinion as I usually do, I just let my opinion stand as it is. Sure, I can post a thorough analysis of the page, and explain why I have the opinion I have, but I'm tired of getting snide remarks from the likes of you and skyman. It actually does take some time to properly source and reference my posts, and I don't think its worth the time to be ridiculed for taking the effort to explain myself.

  • kgfreeperson

    Damn. Just keep in mind how much many of us enjoy and benefit from your extremely well thought out and sourced posts, Leolala! I surely can understand how you'd get tired of comments from jerks, but remember the rest of us!

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hey, What the writer didn't take into account is that Dan. 11 goes right into the great tribulation when Michael stands up in Dan. 12:1. So I think, that Dan. 11 would have to run into our day.

  • TheListener

    I'm sorry Leolaia that the posts of a few have caused you to refrain from posting your excellent research.

    Please remember that there are thousands who read your posts with great appreciation. That includes all the lurkers who may never post on jwd or even hardcore dubs who may feel they could refute your arguments if only the wanted to. Getting clear, well researched and supported information to witnesses and those of us who are doubting and leaving is invaluable.

    Please don't let one or two or even more if that be the case stop the flow of information to those who desperately need it. Your posts are well researched and insightful.

  • flyphisher

    Star Moore

    So I think, that Dan. 11 would have to run into our day

    Yes, this is definitely sure. Consider, that AFTER Jesus`s presence the wars between two "main-counterparts" went always on and on. Dan 11:40 - 45 has its fulfilling in our epoch. The "king of the north" has changed within 1991 and 2001. It is now the United States plus allied countries.

  • KW13

    Leolaia i enjoy reading your posts, it has helped me gain some ground in speaking with my mum/stepdad regarding witnesses.

    People who say things like that...why? If you don't like it dont read!

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