Elder Conversation: Why Reform Won't Happen

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  • Confession

    I remember going through my own "deprogramming." I recall trying to find others who were trying to affect reform. It took less than a month to realize that the reform necessary to fix this organization would render it unrecognizable by any who knew it.

  • The_Replacement

    And reform won't happen, ............ because ....................

    Like it or NOT, 90% of break-ups and divorces, revolve around .............. MONEY,

    let's face it, NO ONE likes to struggle and fight for every penny to stay alive, I'm not saying that having money will prevent a break-up, but it does add some security. And most JW's don't make much money and have kids and just can't make ends meet, and have enough time for meetings and time with their kids.

    It's just reality, and the Watchtower's VOICE that the end is near and you don't need an education you just need faith in Jehovah is not helping.

  • willyloman
    If you want to foresee the future of the Watchtower, just follow the trends: cutbacks and deepening decay that they deny or, at best, see as inevitable. You should have no trouble understanding why depression is nearly an epidemic among Jehovah's Witnesses - and why it will get worse. These people are dying inside, stuck with a judgemental viewpoint that can't be sustained - and scant hope that it will get any better. They will watch their children abandon their cherished faith and they will weep in private and endlessly drag themselves to meeting after meeting, never reasoning that things don't have to be this way.

    Wow. Sometime back, there was a thread, "What Would You Put on a Billboard In Front of a Kingdom Hall?"

    I'd put that.

  • DannyHaszard

    Gary Buss makes a simple point,"all the Watchtower has to do to become just another religion (and silence critics) is to abolish the shunning ritual."

  • anewme

    I agree, abolish the shunning. It is shameful treatment of loving relatives and friends and represents the worst of the religion's faults.

  • aiella

    They don't "think", they have lost their ability to do so. They would much rather do as the WT tells them. This is true of all "faithfull" JWs. I thought, therefore I'm out.

  • greendawn

    No they obviously can't because everything depends on their leaders and they are not capable of change, they don't accept advice from anyone, anyone trying to offer some good sense advice will be thrown out as an apostate and enemy of God's organisation. So they are doomed to suffer in a grossly inefficient religious system unless they decide to get rid of their inept leaders. If they are cowards they deserve their enslavement to the FDS.

  • Mary
    They have had the 'worse and worse' message pounded into them for so long that they lack the FAITH ( yes, faith!) that anything will do any good!

    That's because this religion likes to browbeat their members to the point where everyone's pessamistic about everything in life. Are you stressed? Obviously you're putting too much emphasis on material possessions. Are you missing meetings? That's a lack of appreciation for spiritual food. Are you working overtime to pay the bills because you've got a job that pays $8.00/hr? We don't care---get to the meetings anyway. Can you only get 2 hours of Service in each month? You're spiritually weak. Is your husband beating you up? You should pray more and be a better wife.

    And on top of all that, don't get an education beyond high school, don't bother thinking for yourselves, and for god's sake, don't think that you have Jesus as your Mediator, or that you're even really "Christian" in any sense of the word, because you're not.

    In this religion, they've got you working like a dog: 5 meetings a week, service, study, study, study, ASSemblies, CO visits, etc. yet you're constantly being put down. Nothing you do is ever good enough. So is it any wonder that so many of those who are leaving, or contemplating leaving, "lack the faith" that anything in the Organization will ever change for the better?

  • FairMind
    if they have a reformation it would mean having to admit they were never Gods soul channel of communication

    I disagree! They can use twisted reasoning (they've had a lot of practice) to make it appear that God changed his mind and then let them know.

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