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    Description (revised)

    As per ebay rules, you are bidding on an empty box, and everything inside is my gift to you! (I have a feeling that It's gonna be a BIG gift!)

    I am so tired of my family not taking care of all of their things! I buy them nice things and they don't put them away! I have warned them. This auction is to teach them a lesson!! It is a seven day auction! I am starting it out with a box of girls p.j.s and clothing (sizes 4-6x) that the little one has outgrown, I will then throw in some surprises that will make it worth your while~~ here is the biggie~ ANYTHING that they leave laying in the floor, or on the counter (regardless of its value) will be given to you in this auction!! They need to learn to take care of their things and I am at my ropes end on how else to teach them! I have a sixteen year old son , an eight year old daughter and oh yes, a wonderful husband that needs to learn a thing or two himself! It is highly likely you will end up with things like playstation games, bratz dolls, barbies, hello kitty, cd's , DVD's, baseball cards, NAME BRAND CLOTHING ~based on the things I seem to pick up over and over again! Anything they don't take care of this week, becomes YOURS! I have a feeling that this will be a big box and my loss will become your gain, but I AM SICK OF PICKING THE SAME STUFF UP, OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!


    I plan to take any money that this auction brings and spend it on some ME(mommy) time. I cannot remember the last time , I bought myself NaME brand clothes or went to a day spa(haha who am I kiddin? ,I never have), but I plan to reward myself! They don't believe me but they will not get any of the money. The more I make on the auction. The more I will treat myself! As I write this, they are laughing at me! I am more determined than ever to prove this point! I will list each day the things they have left out and that will now be added to the MYSTERY Box, as a result of their blatant disregard! If you have kids, I know you know where I am coming from. They are good kids, with NO appreciation for all they are given! I want them to realize how lucky they are and to take care of their things!

    Hopefully, by the end of this week, they will appreciate what they have and take better care of it. Keep checking for updates on newly added items!

    On Mar-08-06 at 16:02:10 PST, seller added the following information:

    Less than a day into this auction and I have already got several additions. The little one left 9 (nine) books laying in her toyroom floor. I gave her a warning and went to fix a grilled cheese. They were still laying there, so they are now an addition to the MYSTERY BOX. SHE IS TICKED!!, She left The little Mermaid Sebastians story, Monsters Inc, Scooby Doo the Haunted Pumpkins, Meet Strawberry Shortcake , Disneys Ariel and the Mysterious World of Above, Scooby Doo and the Catnapped Caper, Camp Spongebob, First Grader From Mars Episode 4:Tera, Star Student and Bear Shawdow. She also left out HELLO KITTY Fashion Tiles. A cute little game where she mixed and matched tiles to make new outfits for Hello Kitty and colored over them . She also left her favorite HOT PINK hiking boots laying in the bathroom, so in they go They are the kind that LIGHT UP, HOt pink leather with turquoise flowers and butterflies on the side that light when she walks. They are a size 11. These are just a few things that have made their way to the box so far~ Keep checkin! and Keep Bidding~

    On Mar-08-06 at 17:12:01 PST, seller added the following information:

    LOL~ what a night. My kids heads are spinning! I really think that they thought I would cave on this like I normally do! Mom is always so soft and they can't believe that I have followed through with this!

    The little one just added her Karaoke Machine that she got for Christmas to the MYSTERY box!! YEP!! thats right~ It is like brand new!! The FISHER PRICE STAR sounds machine that hooks up to your TV and your child can sing along with the cordless mic, while their likeness shows on TV with special lighting and sounds. I am also including an EXTRA cartridge with ADDITIONAL songs that IS NEW STILL IN THE BOX!!!! We had just bought the extra cartridge, but there is no need to keep it since she will no longer have a player ! This was a tough one~ she is not happy, but she was warned!!

    My big boy had his first MOM's MYSTERY BOX encounter~ he's been a bit luckier so far. He lost one of his fav shirts , a bright orange long sleeve t-shirt with navy blue trim by SONOMA (Kohl's) It says SK8 on the front. It is an XL (16-18) teens .He left it wadded up in the floor and after being warned~ it was still there a bit later~ so mom will freshly launder and add it to YOUR BOX! He also lost a baseball BUNGEE Ball ( kind of a yo yo on a rubber band), that he would not quit annoying his sis with! Also he left a really nice velcro closure CD case layin around that now goes to the highest bidder!!

    This is the first evening of this for them~ so of course they are gonna learn as we go along that if they want to keep it~ they d best be putting it away where it belongs! There is six more days to add to the box~ just remember that more stuff is gonna be added EVERY DAY! I will also add some things as my kids begin to LEARN THEIR LESSON!! You won't be disappointed in your final purchase!

    On Mar-09-06 at 10:34:53 PST, seller added the following information:

    Okay, guys , brand new day and a few new items. A strawberry shortcake doll, the plush kind, really cute!! Smells like strawberries.

    A mermaid doll from GROOVY GIRLS, it is a cute one too!

    A box of baseball cards, didnt' count them, but probably about 100-150 , various teams and various years. ALL NICE!

    TURBO TWIST Spelling electronic game~ works fine and so neat!

    golf ball monogrammer set ( still in box), I just picked up the pieces and stuck it back in for the BOX, now the big boy is freaking out!!

    I must tell you guys that , I did find a baby doll that my little girl loves laying out where it shouldn't have been (I gave my little girl several warnings before school and it didn't get put away) , I just couldn't bear to put it in the box (she loves this babydoll), so the doll is in my closet and will return to my little one on a day when she deserves a smile---- I will replace this item that you should have gotten with something else To be announced soon LOL~~ I am still soft underneath!!

    I am sure I will have more to add after school~ keep watchin!! and Guys~ THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

    On Mar-09-06 at 11:11:09 PST, seller added the following information:

    Hey again, I just added a few pix~ also forgot to add that there is now a Lisa Frank Lunchbox and a golf tee tote (clicks on your golf bag) in the Box! WOW~ I figured there would be lots of stuff in the box by the end , but I never thought this much after only two days!! The auction winner is gonna be one lucky duck!! All this stuff is in great condition and I know that just the Fisher price karaoke star sounds Karaoke alone was 79.99 plus the extra cartridge has 9.84 price ticket on it~~ so this is gonna be a VALUABLE GIFT for the auction winner in the end!

    On Mar-09-06 at 14:49:40 PST, seller added the following information:

    We have a few more additions~~ but I have to say that the toy room was in much better shape than normal, so I think my tactic is working ~YEAH, go me!!

    Newly added is a brand new game~ I am putting this in as an addition to replace the babydoll I couldn't take away from her. It is still in the box and still has shrink wrapping on the cards and game pieces~ It is called "YOU JUST BECAME A MILLIONAIRE"!

    Also now living in your box is a full size (about 18") I think is the NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS or CORPSE BRIDE doll from the DISNEY store of JACK the skeleton. You almost got Sally too, but she put her away for some reason LOL~ you still have hope , few more days LOL

    There is also the MEAN snowman (I can't spell abdomibable sp??) from the Rudolph Misfits Toys MOVIE, it is about a 8" doll.

    TWO DISNEYS Winnie the Pooh movies that have been in front of the toyroom TV since Valentines day. The first one is WINNIE THE POOH UN-VALENTINE DAY and the other is WINNIE THE POOH and A VALENTINE FOR YOU!

    A pink BARBIE storage box (has three different compartments) to keep Barbie's clothes and shoes neat.

    The book "THE PERFECT MAN", this was just made into a movie with Heather Locklear and Hillary Duff. My little one is a big HILARY DUFF fan and JUST had to have the book~ It was never touched after the first evening!

    This is one I hate to see go, It gave her lots of entertainment while we were traveling~ but she poured the pieces in the floor and I had to pick them up even after several warnings.YOU WILL LOVE THIS , It is a TRAVEL SIZE LIGHTBRIGHT~ Works GREAT!!

    Next is a handheld WHEEL OF FORTUNE game! It is an electronic handheld. Been laying on my coffee table so long, I thought it was attached!!!!

    Okay, there's a few more things to give you a reason to BID~ Come on guys, send me on a MOMMY"S weekend!!! I am really enjoying all the support from you moms that know where I am coming from! THANK YOU , THANK YOU , THANK YOU!! I feel like I'm on a MOMMY MISSION!

    On Mar-09-06 at 21:35:38 PST, seller added the following information:

    Only a couple of additions tonight guys~ First up is a cute little CAT IN THE HAT plush zipper pull. looks brand new!

    The biggie tonight is a POWERPUFF GIRLS Game Boy Advance game! REALLY CUTE GAME!! COLOR and of course RATED E for EVERYONE!

    another addition is a bright pink HELLO KITTY book cover~ says HK all over.

    Also a little plastic purse full of purple hairbows and barettes.....

    K-guys, this box is GETTING really FULL~ YOU ARE GONNA WANT THIS BOX~ not every piece included in the BOX is listed on this page ~ Remeber it is a MYSTERY BOX~ I will make sure the box well covers however high the auction goes YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED~ NOT every item is going to be my kids left outies~ This has gotten FAR too big for that~I had like a $50 reserve on it, never dreaming everyone would support me like this! As long as you guys stay with me , I will continue to add to the box~ The more the Bid, the bigger the Box! I LOVE ALL YOUR EMAILS~ keep writing me! This is FUN!!

    On Mar-10-06 at 22:39:58 PST, seller added the following information:

    OH MY GOSH, I have been out all evening and hadn't checked my ebay all day and when I saw THE WONDERFUL support that you guys have given me today~ I ALMOST CRIED!! Guys I am so thrilled at how this has brought MOMMIES EVERYWHERE together. I had over thirty WONDERFUL emails sending me support! It was truly heartwarming! I REALLY AM going to get to do something nice for myself and I will be thinking of the wonderful friendships that have come from this! ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL AUSTRALIAN LADIES THAT HAVE WRITTEN TO ME!! WOW!! I will consider you lifetime MATES~~ and PLEASE feel free to BID~~ I will ship to you guys!! Alot of you have said you wanted to bid and I WOULD LOVE TO Have you guys included in what has become a MOMMY MISSION! I AM SO shocked at how this has turned out!! WE ALL LOVE OUR KIDS and lessons are something that when taught with love , has never hurt anyone! Good lessons only help. I promise all of you~ My kids are LOVED GREATLY and this has turned into a wonderful experience for all of us~ They have watched the auction with me and saw how People come together when their situations are similar REGARDLESS of where they live!! I LOVE ALL OF YOU FOR THIS!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! I am not trying to play a sympathy card~ so please take what I am about to tell you and read it and then disregard it~ because, I don't want to put a dark shadow over what has turned into a bright light ~ but I have been sick all winter and it has been a tough time in my life~ The emails that I received with words of support~ and feeling like I have truly connected with other moms out there, has given me something to smile about. I look forward to the UPLIFTING emails! I can't say it enough~ THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ~~ Now , on to the MYSTERY BOX~

    NEW additions to the box tonight~ A wonderful BRATZ Doll Storage case. It is like a little suitcase ~ Black padded nylon exterior with BRATZ and fashion oriented cities (ex:New York, London,Paris etc...) written in various font all over the outside in white. It has three separate compartments to hold dolls and their clothes. This is in like brand new condition!

    LEAP's PHONICS POND electronic teaching game from LEAP PAD~ like new and works great! Has the entire alphabet with their sounds and different teaching games! Also sings little songs and plays music notes! GREAT to learn those phonics sounds !

    Next up is a STORY BOOK READER with DISNEY's LION KING book INCLUDED! If you haven't seen one of these~ THEY are soooo awesome. You put the book inside the reader and it reads each page to your child~ It seems to know when you turn the page ( even in mid sentence) This Is a great electronic Toy!

    Next up is One American Eagle VINTAGE RUGBY collection long sleeve shirt. Wide stripes of navy blue and gray , with a white polo collar. It is an XS in Mens (TEEN) PERFECT condition! Exactly what all the kids are wearing for Spring!

    Last item tonight is an adorable BARBIE PIANO book~ This is a great cardboard page book with a piano built in down the side. The book has MUSIC notes, to teach your child different sequences to make real songs~~ This is so cute!

    I will definately be adding more so STICK with me LADIES~~ This is soo great! KEEP SHOWING ME SUPPORT and KEEP emailing me with those wonderful words of support! Aussie LADIES GOOD DAY TO YA! XXXOOO The kids done great today~ you would all be so proud ~ this is working for us!! All of this is just added extras!! I will always make sure to add to accomodate the new bid~~ plus, you will still get any left outies!! LOL

    On Mar-11-06 at 11:45:24 PST, seller added the following information:

    Hey guys!! I am not sure what this means, I got a prompt when I started to post this that says 180 characters left~ so If I am unable to continue posting additions to the box on this auction for the entire length of the aution~ PLEASE be assured that I WILL CONTINUE TO ADD great items ~ I will make sure that you get a great box based on what you ended up bidding! I WON'T let my mommy supporters down! I do have a couple of left outies for ya today~ I will get to that in a minute~

    THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORTIVE EMAILS~ I LOVE IT!! I look forward to checking my inbox! I don't want this auction to end~ I love this MOMMY MISSION!! MOMMIES EVERYWHERE HAVE UNITED and I never could have imagined how you guys would support me on this!! XXXOOO!!!

    Alot of you are curious to know how I will spend the auction money and you all are adamant that it goes on a mommy day and I have promised that it WILL~~ wow, I am so looking forward to that!! I got to thinking that I want to share the details with all you great ppl so after the auction ends , any of you that want to continue to be MOMMY MISSION BUDDIES and want to know what I did with the $$~ PLEASE email me at [email protected] , It would be my honor to share all the details with all my new friends! Thanks again guys~ YOURE THE BEST!

    On Mar-11-06 at 14:34:33 PST, seller added the following information:

    I keep gettin that weird prompt~ so I will keep posting until it makes me quit~ but I HAD to share this with all my MOMMY MISSION friends~ This will make all of you laugh~ no doubt!!

    The LITTLE ONE HAS TURNED THE TABLES ON ME!! LOL , I guess turn about is fair play, so I am taking this with dignity! LOL

    I usually switch purses when I dress up, like for church or an outing to match a certain outfit or a pair of shoes I AM A PURSE fanatic~~ anyways I switched purses to a dressy navy blue envelope purse and then switched back to my everyday~~ HOWEVER , I left the dress purse laying on the kitchen table `LIL miss thing picked right up on that~ MOMMY~~ your purse is not where it belongs~ into the box with it~~ I laughed so hard~~ then I saw she was large and in charge~~ Hey, if I can't take it , I shouldn't dish it out!! So ladies , there is now a NAVY BLUE dress envelope purse added to the box!! I also made a deal with the little runt that I would clean out my closet as they have and add a few of my things too!! This has pulled us all together !! So NOW~ if you win the bid~ maybe you will get some things for yourself as well as your little ones!

    Forgot to go back to the additions of the day in my earlier post ~ Only a couple to report right now, but there is more coming!

    A size MEDIUM (teens) US polo Association NAVY BLUE pull over T-shirt with two red stripes and says POLO JEANS CO. on the left chest EXCELLENT condition

    Next~ A size MEDIUM TOMMY HILFIGER pull over thin knit HOODIE . Also navy blue with HILFIGER across the front in white! Has a three button white placket at the neck! Also in like new condition!! This was a $79 shirt when I bought it in August (for his b-day)

    A cute litte BOO doll from the MONSTERS INC movie! About six inches tall I would guess~ Looks brand new! CUTE ` plush body with plastic head

    HELLO KITTY pink SPARKLE LOTION in a flower shaped bottle! This one was a left outie~` it is almost full ~~ still lots left!

    Finally~ A HELLO KITTY folder ~ pink with sparkle writing!!

    K~ guys ~ I am putting little miss thing into cleaning out her movie cabinet~ I am sure I will have more to add later (if this forum will continue to let me post!)

    THANKS AGAIN GUYS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT~ I'M LOVIN IT!! Be sure to put [email protected] in your address book and I think we should start a EBAY MOMMY ON A MISSION support forum so we can all meet up and chat about mommy stuff~ I have enjoyed emailing all of you so much!! Thanks a bunch!

    On Mar-11-06 at 19:10:44 PST, seller added the following information:

    Hey Guys, As you can see, I have added some of your emails to the auction~ If you will check out the page counter, you will see that over 8,000 YEP, you read that right EIGHT THOUSAND people have looked at this auction!! SHEW !! WOWEEE !! I still cannot believe this!! I have gotten about 100 emails today so there is no way that I could post them all~ but I do try to ANSWER all of them!! Cause I do so appreciate your SUPPORT!! Thanks again GUYS!! MOMMY ON A MISSION! PS-- I told my hubby that if you guys keep supporting me like this~ I may be at a weekend spa next weekend!! LOL~~J.K. Seriously though, We do have some new books and movies to add to the BOX ~ will list them later! MOMMIES UNITE!!!

    On Mar-12-06 at 19:44:34 PST, seller added the following information:

    Hey Guys~ I guess I am running out of room~ Only allowing me a few characters each time I post now~ Some new additions tonight~ Ariel~ The little Mermaid BUBBLE blowing machine (runs on battery) ~ So cute and Works great!`~A scooby Doo Doll and some others. An ELECTRONIC wizard game~kind of like concentration, where you have to remember the light patterns.Lots of other stuff too, but not enough room to list all ..I want to take my last characters to say THANKS again~ Ihave answered HUNDREDS of emails and I love you all for the support! I know I wouldn't have followed through as well without you guys cheering me on! (however I was pretty ticked) lOL ..Hey , I know what my next auction is gonna be~ one of you ( thanks JUDY)emailed me the idea tonight~can anyone guess?? She suggested I take all of the post and emails from this auction and write a MOMMY MISSION book~LOL!! I LOVE IT!! The auction has over 12,000 hits and there are now about 700 of you watching it!! When mommy's come together~ WoW! MOMMY'S UNITE!!

    On Mar-13-06 at 14:14:45 PST, seller added the following information:

    HI Guys~ I have had so many request for shipping info to various places all over the world~ I called the post office today and these are the rates I was given~ I hope it answers the questions that you guys have~ PLEASE email me if you guys have anything else you want to know LOVE THE EMAILS!! Be sure to add the email address that I set up for everyone to keep in touch after the auction ends to your address book and KEEP IN TOUCH It is [email protected]! I want to share EVERY moment of my MOMMY DAY with all of the wonderful people that has supported me!!

    Here are those SHIPPING COST

    All of these are for ECONOMY PARCEL POST~ that was the cheapest way to go~ HOWEVER~~THIS TAKES 4-6 WEEKS TO DELIVER!! ~~~There were quicker options of shipping but they were all at least DOUBLE the cost~ YOU CAN REQUEST ANY OF THE SHIPPING OPTIONS YOU WANT TO TAKE ~ I AM ONLY POSTING THE CHEAPER OPTIONS! PLEASE KEEP IN MIND WHEN BIDDING THAT I ONLY ACCEPT US DOLLAR FUNDS!! If you are from another country~ you must pay with US fUNDS, you can transfer the actual dollar amounts on the ebay funds calculator see~ help page.

    Shipping to the U.K. $34.50 EPP~~ England~~$34.50

    Canada~~ $ 19.97 EPP Ireland~~ $25.05

    Australia~~ $29.60 EPP Scotland ~~$ 37.25

    If there is any other places that you want the shipping cost for~ PLEASE email me, I will be glad to check, these are just the places I had specific request from!! Thank you guys!! MOMMY'S UNITE~~ I cannot wait to get my MOMMY DAY!! YOOOHHOOOO

    PS I am concerned that not all of this is going to post~ If it doesn't , please email me for info! Of course if you can read this, then it must have posted LOL!! Thanks Guys

    On Mar-14-06 at 14:20:33 PST, seller added the following information:

    HEY GUYS~~ READY FOR AN UPDATE??? WOWOWEE~ you guys are the most wonderful SUPPORTIVE MOMS I have ever seen!! I couldn't believe when I saw the bid today!! ONE MORE DAY AND WATCH OUT SPA~ HERE I COME!!! I am so excited!! I have NEVER gotten to pamper myself like I am plannning!! I might get my nails done and my hair and DEFINATLY a MASSAGE ``AWWW YEAH!! I am already feeling it~~ LOL!! This has been so much fun that I hate to see it end.... I have had a bunch of people email me saying I should put together a MOMMY ON A MISSION book compiling all of the emails , message boards and what lead up to my doing this auction to begin with.... I will fill all of you in on my last year and why I needed the help . Why my kids need to learn to take care of themselves more efficiently.... I am going to start an auction for the book~~ IF YOU EMAILED ME and you do not want your email included in the book~~ PLEASE EMAIL TO LET ME KNOW AND I WILL LEAVE IT OUT or if you don't want me to use your name or username~~ JUST LET ME KNOW~~ I know that all of you MOMMY'S WILL GET A KICK out of reading all the HILARIOUS stories that were emailed to me.....NOT to mention that you might have to grab a box of kleenex for some of them~ A few of them brought tears to my eyes.... Wow , it is so amazing how MOMS ALL OVER THE WORLD~ come together and all have the same type of LOVE and problems with their kids ~~ regardless of background or how many kids or where they live , I even got emails from MOMS TO BE or FUTURE MOMS that were having trouble getting pregnant~~ All moms deal with similar issues~~ I plan to include all the feelings of dealing with our kids growing up and moving on while WE (as parents) get used to the changes~~ THIS AUCTION has brought so many MOMMY ISSUES to light and I will touch on all of them!! BE SURE TO WATCH FOR THE BOOK AUCTION!!

    THE MYSTERY BOX IS OVERFLOWING!! IT HAS SOME REALLY GREAT STUFF IN IT~ SOME THINGS THAT THE KIDS ARE GONNA MISS ~ A COUPLE OF THINGS MY HUBBY IS TRYING HIS BEST TO BUY BACK ~ LOL!! He is even trying alternate forms of payment (wink~wink) LOl~ IT AIN"T GONNA WORK!! EVERYTHING THAT WENT IN THAT BOX this week is to go to the high bidder!! NO take backies as my lil sweetie says!!


    On Mar-14-06 at 18:13:58 PST, seller added the following information:

    OMG~OMG~OMG~ Guys, you are not going to believe this!!! MSNBC contacted me tonight to do an interview about this auction at 19:15am tomorrow MARCH 15~1006 WOWOWOEE



    On Mar-09-06 at 10:47:00 PST, seller added the following pictures:

    On Mar-09-06 at 11:02:33 PST, seller added the following pictures:

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    What a great idea, loved that the little girl caught on fast and caught mom with her purse left out.Mom was a sport and added it too the box.


    WOW!!! What a way to teach kids to pick up after themselves!!!


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