What would you do....

by *Heather* 8 Replies latest jw friends

  • *Heather*

    ...if Jehovah Witnesses took over the world???

  • seawolf

    Move to Mars.

  • ballistic

    sell my shares?

  • collegegirl21

    I'd try and dropkick the person who sold them the world... what the H were they thinking?

  • greendawn

    Prepare for war because they will seek to impose on mankind the same kind of authoritarian system that the popes had set up in the past, they will bring back the Dark Ages once more.

    So fight them to the bitter end. We know well their religious fanaticism and how they are unprincipled and dishonest, the WTS that is.

  • greven

    I'd scramble to collect any knowledge (books etc) the WBTS would soon outlaw: philosophy, science, ethics etc. So that, when their system will collapse and people will start rebuilding society as we know it, there will be a Library of Alexandria still standing.

    On a serious note: I think the first thing they'll do is get together for a nice old fashioned bookburning. What do others think will happen first? Public stonings?


  • Chimene

    Book burnings! yeah!

  • OpenFireGlass
    Public stonings?

    I have no problems with getting stoned in public...

  • whyizit

    Wouldn't worry about it too much. It won't last long. All the "evil" folks will be murdering them left and right. JW women & little girls will be screaming their fool heads off while being raped, while their JW husbands scratch their heads and watch, because, "Isn't killing is a "no-no"? Isn't that like war?" The ones who are laying around bleeding to death, well........you know how that's going to end. Besides, they wouldn't know how to rule the world anyway. Since they have no involvement in politics, they won't know what the heck to do! As much as I love my JW friends, if they took over the world, I doubt that it would last more than an hour or two.

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