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  • ColdRedRain

    I just have to rant today because I'm sick of my stupid hippie teachers! I had to listen to revisionist conspiracy theorist history of South American communism, the same type that right now, threatens the freedom of my family in the Caribbean.

    This idiot teacher of mine thinks it's much better to teach us socialism in Iberoamerica than to teach us Spanish. Hell, this guy starts rambling off instructions on how to do our classwork in Spanish, even though we're beginner students.

    The douchebag can't even teach beginning Spanish but he would rather teach us his brand of politics. God damn.

  • upside/down

    This seems to be a common theme with many teachers...they have a captive audience, power and usually...no one's watching. The coaches that teach seem to be much more balanced...(and liked).

    They just busted a teachers ass here in Colorado...for going off on one of his tangent rants...on politics...instead of teaching Geography.

    My sons (in high-school) have one particular ultra liberal teacher that constantly is ragging on the Patriot Act...and how evil "men" are...

    I have to meet with here every now and then...and remind her to stay on topic...and save the bra burning for after school hours.

    What's funny...is if someone disagrees with such a person or challenges them...it's usually met with reprisal....funny huh?

    u/d (it ain't just the Dubs that are wierd class)

  • G Money
    G Money

    Well politics is better taught in a politics class.

    On another note, democracy isn't for everyone. I'm against the US forcing its will on everyone else. Wars and politics today are motivated by money.

    There are no easy answers. Most hippies preach left wing politics but many left wing groups are nuts, such as the FMLN of El Salvador and groups in Colombia (FARC) and Peru (Shining Path). I say sit back and see what happens. Free trade has screwed the working class and poor and not really benefitted anybody but the rich. Lets see what a little left tilting and rejecting the US does if it can be allowed unlike Cuba where the US meddles with 3rd parties.

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