Did you know of any JW's DF'd for taking a "blood transfusion"?

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  • booker-t

    Years ago my JW sister needing to have a C-section when she was about to deliver her baby but the doctors said she would need a blood transfusion. My sister the devout JW's that she was at the time refused the Blood transfusion and was treated like a "movie star" for her "intregety" to Jehovah. My sister could have died but she had a beautiful baby girl. Now 20 years later my sister had "faded" from the JW's and her daughter had a baby out of wedlock and has nothing to do with the JW's. It just amazes me how "devout" many of us were as JW's and now no longer belong to the WT. Many of us would have died for the WT. But I was wondering Do you know of any JW's that was DF'd or DA'd or Reproved for accepting a Blood Transfusion?

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