Does the WTBTS believe in demon possession?

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  • hallelujah

    I saw a program called witchcraze last night about how up to 1500 women were accused of witchcraft (demonism?) in Scotland between 1589-159, and were persecuted, accused, tortured, strangled and burned - by King James I just before he became King of England.

    I was told by a 'new anointed' that Satan can inject evil thoughts into people. All of this seems to encourage the belief in demonic possession.

    Encouraging this type of belief in people only plants nightmarish beliefs in polytheism, i.e. Jehovah without and the demons within. A recipe for tragedy if you ask me.

  • Leolaia

    Oh yeah, they sure do big time. Check out the superstition in these published stories in Watchtower literature:

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