Game show host Peter Tomarken killed in plane crash...

by TresHappy 11 Replies latest social entertainment

  • Gopher

    Irreverent: Sorry to say, it looks like Peter hit the ultimate "whammy".

    It is sad to see yet another celebrity die too soon. Peter made "Press Your Luck" fun and exciting to watch. The remake hosted by Todd Newton on Game Show Network ("Whammy: The All New Press Your Luck")was just a shadow of the original, IMHO.

  • TresHappy

    If rumors are anything, Todd Newton is apparently the heir to the Price of Right job. At 80 plus years, Bob Barker is cranky and forgetful during many of the tapings. I attended a taping last year and some girl was so excited about being picked, she consulted her husband for everything on her bidding. She couldn't hear him (or anything) in the studio and Bob would continually yell for her to bid - finally he cussed and said give me a f____ bid. That's when the taping stopped and the producers went out to Bob to calm him down. In order to be fair, they brought out another prize to be offered. Bob muddled an apology and the taping went on. Bob Barker needs to retire; I don't know if Todd Newton is the correct host; but Bob has lost all his civility. I can't really blame him though; some of those people that get picked are dumber than a stump!

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