Have you been enjoying the Daniel Book?

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  • dothemath

    The Society's reasoning on the book of Daniel gets pretty thin in on chapter 15............it jumps from the time of the Romans under Aurelian, all the way to Britain, Germany, etc. within one verse.

    Jesus applied Daniel 11: 31 to the time of the Roman siege and the destruction of Jerusalem....but of course the Society adds to this and includes an entire modern fulfillment which requires a large amount of "faith" in their interpretation.

    None of the events they talk about in chapter 15 are reflected in any meaningful way in Daniel's prophecy...........I get the impression even our conductor is just going through the motions on this chapter.

    The logic gets better in verse 43 of chapter 11............regarding the "treasures of Egypt, the Libyans, and the Ethiopians..............and trying to apply this to our time.

    Have any of you been enjoying the daniel book?

  • Balsam

    They were studying that just over 4 years ago when I left. I thought it was totally boring but by then all I wanted was out.

  • Nosferatu
    Have any of you been enjoying the daniel book?

    I have. I can really appreciate this book because I haven't attended a meeting in 10 years. I no longer have to let out a groan when we study something complicated. Let the loyal JW torture themselves.

  • stillajwexelder

    Yes - I have alwys enjoyed good fiction - I like factual books also

  • blondie

    Their re-studying the WT publication, the Daniel Prophecy book, is another reason we are so glad not to be going to meetings. I bet a few people miss Blondie, especially the conductors. I bailed them out of a silent moment, many a time.

  • daniel-p

    The Daniel book is the most convoluted mass of horse shit I have ever read. They make so many stretches, trying to apply those chapters 7-10 to everything that happened from 607 to now. I mean, entire centuries can be tied to half a sentence of prophecy! Rediculous.

  • Leolaia

    In the following post, I give my own analysis of what the Society is doing with respect to Daniel 11.


    All the stuff that concerns Antiochus IV Epiphanes in ch. 11 the Society takes and stretches it out to arbitrarily refer to whomever they wish in almost two thousand years of human history. What is amusing is that in the Daniel book the Society does mention Antiochus IV in passing, and the things they say about him pertain closely to all the stuff that they want to stretch into the twentieth century but refuse to apply to him...

  • Cellist

    Thankfully, I have never even seen the most recent "Daniel" book.


  • IP_SEC

    I thank the gods for sending the daniel book. It was one of the things that made me make a firm commitment to da. I knew I could not conduct a study of that book with 607 touted on every other page.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Daniel P I have to take exception to your statement that the daniel book is the most convoluted mass of horse sh#@ from the WTS. The Isaiah books, Now that was some BS. The fact that they streched that garbage into two installment was unbearable. I am sure that they will never study those books at the BS again, it had to be responsible for at least half a million publishers going dark.

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