Why Americans Shouldn't be Allowed Near electricity!

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  • unclebruce

    Lightning On Demand is a bunch of good ol' boys doing their level best to bring down the national grid by trying to "produce a controllable discharge of lightning at the greatest physical scale imaginable". Bless 'em.

    The Taser Cannon is the latest in US home protection systems. Apparently a more powerful one is on the drawing board. US door knockers beware!


    ps: no doc, I don't know if they're available on ebay yet.


    The Taser Cannon can direct a 15,000 Ampere plasma channel through the air along a straight trajectory, at grounded targets up to 35 ft downrange. The cannon consists of 30 high pressure pneumatic dart stations, each capable of launching a tapered aluminium sabot that trails a thin 'seed wire' 0.008 inches in diameter. Cannon tilt and pan is pneumatic, and a sighting laser is located inside the cannon head. When a launched sabot contacts the target, the Marx-configured capacitor bank automatically fires and erects the bank to 110,000 volts, igniting a plasma channel along the vaporized seed wire.

    The plasma channel quickly intensifies, magnetically confined in the air by the Lorentz forces of its own current. Damage to the target can vary widely. Most spectators experience some degree of sinus discomfort after several firings, due to the high brissance of the plasma explosion. The capacitor bank is currently disassembled, and newer capacitors are being added to increase the bank energy to 250 kilojoules, and the range to 50 feet.



  • Elsewhere

    Holy Crap!

    Someone's look'in to get themself electra-fraa-cation-alized!

  • stillajwexelder

    But just imagine if lightning could be captured -charging capacitors and then the electricty discharged to the electrical grid in a controlled manner - now that would be awesome for the US no longer having to depend on imported energy - and from wah tI witnessed this weekend - here in the Midwest were some awesome lighning storms

  • Sunnygal41
    Someone's look'in to get themself electra-fraa-cation-alized!

    lmao!!! They call that "makin' crispy critters!" LOL!

  • Clam

    Hey. Remember these fellahs (the Americans) are the descendants of Benjamin Franklin. It's what comes natural, ya hear.

  • unclebruce

    The Americans benefited immensely from the talents of one uneducated Serb - Nicoli Tesla. A man whose inventions these boys are tinkering with.

    What I'd like to see the so called rationist folk here answer, those clever “scientific” types who deny anything to do with “spirit”, is how this impoverished village boy from a very early age had visions of the things he later invented?

    We may not be here communicating if not for his awesome body work. Amoung a huge array of other things (many like his 'stella wave' technology remain clasified) Tesla gave the world Alternating current, FM radio, radar etc........................................ yet is rarely mentioned even in electrical trade schools and universities.

    tesla fan, unclebruce

    Nicola Tesla aged 38

    1856 - 1943


  • unclebruce

    nothing strange about these guys

  • stillajwexelder

    In SI units there is a unit named after him - Magnetic Flux Density - the units are Tesla -that is a nice mention

  • stillajwexelder

    Magnetic field density, otherwise known as magnetic flux density, is essentially what the layman knows as a magnetic field—akin to a gravitational or electric field. It is a response of a medium to the presence of a magnetic field. The SI unit of magnetic flux density is the tesla. 1 tesla = 1 weber per square metre.

    It can be more easily explained if one works backwards from the equation: B=\frac {F} {I L} \,


    B is the magnitude of flux density in teslas
    F is the force in newtons experienced by a wire carrying
    I amperes of current
    L metres in length
    Demonstration of the left hand rule

    So, one can see for a magnetic flux density to equal 1 tesla, a force of 1 newton must act on a wire of length 1 metre carrying 1 ampere of current.

    1 newton is a lot of force, and is not easily accomplished. To put it in perspective: the most powerful superconducting electromagnets in the world have flux densities of 'only' 20 T.

    This is true obviously for both electromagnets and natural magnets, but a magnetic field can only act on moving charge—hence the current, I, in the equation.

    Indeed, the equation can be adjusted to incorporate moving single charges, ie protons, electrons, and so on via

    F = BQv \,


    Q is 1 coulomb of charge
    v is the velocity of that charge in metre per second

    Fleming's left hand rule can be used to determine the direction of motion/current/polarity from any two of those, as seen in the example. It can also remembered in the following way. From the thumb to second finger, indicating 'Force', 'B-field', and 'I(Current)' respectively. Therefore it is F-B-I in short.

    For professional languages, right hand grip rule is used instead which originated from the definition of cross product in the right hand system of coordinates.

    Other units of magnetic flux density are

    • 1 gauss = 10 -4 teslas = 100 microteslas (µT)
    • 1 gamma = 10 -9 teslas = 1 nanotesla (nT)
  • mkr32208

    Tesla was an idiot savant that's why! He wasn't all that bright and was more than a little crazy. Once he was exposed to the basic ideas then his brain could work on them and he could come up with "vision" or as I like to call them "ideas" for machines that he could later invent!

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